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Munchkin Digital - Patch 1.1

by Hiddenx, 2023-01-31 16:22:28

Henriquejr spotted patch 1.1 for Muchkin Digital:

Munchkin Patch 1.1.0

Today's Munchkin Patch 1.1.0 expands language support to our German and Turkish friends, and includes a variety of UX improvements to the tutorial and gameplay! Willkommen and Hosgeldiniz!

New features

  • Tutorial 1 and 2 now clarify how configuring items works in your inventory
  • Support added for German and Turkish languages

UI and AI Improvements

  • Discarding card animation is faster and more clear
  • VFX added to make it more apparent where cards/classes/races are going when equipped/carried
  • AI now delays slightly in taking actions so there's time to see what's happening on their turn
  • Gender selection options are now more easily identifiable as buttons
  • Configuring your inventory now has more clear indicators of what can be moved or selected
  • Cheat and Hireling now indicate what item they're attached to
  • Added warning to some of the most common gameplay mistakes to make sure players are making the moves they intend
  • Action log no longer scrolls automatically when new actions are taken for easier readability during enemy turns

Bug Fixes

  • Continued focus reducing the number of softlock, crash, and gameplay related bugs
  • Out to Lunch now visually discards monsters from combat as intended
  • Curses now affecting items held by the Hireling
  • Timer graphics will no longer be obscured when full-screen selection windows are up (such as Sell an Item)
  • Players may now tie when two reach level 10 in the same combat
  • Removed an exploit where running out of time allowed players to avoid Income Tax
  • Modifiers no longer cause a player to lose combat in the Dice Chucker challenge.
  • Carried items can no longer be discarded when using Resurrection
  • And many more!

We’ve made some great progress thanks to your feedback, and we’re on track for Munchkin to leave Early Access for full cross-platform release next month. Along the way, we’ll be continuing to rely on your feedback as we work towards launch.

So if you’re enjoying Munchkin, please take a moment to rate & review to help new players discover the game. And, as always, if you need help or run into trouble, please drop us a line at Support at

Thanks for playing Munchkin!

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