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Songs of Conquest - Bright Future

by Hiddenx, 2024-05-27 23:35:38

Songs of Conquest sold 500.000 units:

The future looks bright!

Hello Wielders!

My name’s Carl Toftfelt and today I’m writing the Steam post, a friendly takeover of sorts! I’m the Lead Game Designer of Songs and have been working on this project for the past seven years. Releasing from Early Access into 1.0 has been exhilarating. All the kind words and calls for more content for the game have been amazing. I truly feel privileged to share that Songs of Conquest has now hit an incredible milestone!

There was more than a few high-fives at the office when we reached this milestone!

Of course, with over half a million players and a passionate community I’m very pleased to tell you the following: There’s an expansion coming with two new factions. There will also be four DLCs that will expand existing parts of the game.

New factions take quite some time to develop. We want to keep telling the story of Songs of Conquest at a higher pace than only faction expansions would allow. So we’re introducing something we call Tales of Conquest in the form of DLC, releasing roughly every quarter. These Tales will move the story of Songs of Conquest forward, as well as expand our gameplay, through story missions following each one of the existing factions.

Our first Tales of Conquest is called ‘Rise Eternal’ and it will focus on our undead faction - the Barony of Loth. You will follow Kastus Maal, a scholar slain by Lady Stoutheart at the battle of Grey Tor. He will be seeking vengeance from beyond the grave against the Arleon baroness, and with his guidance the Risen will be more powerful than ever before.


Thanks Henriquejr!

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