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3D People

Description from its website:

3D People was established in October, 2001 by a few talented individuals from Slovakia and german investors. Original intention was to produce websites and software products for german market. Fortunately for the players ? we found this activities rather not interesting and not meeting our creative potential… Therefore we seek for a more creative area of realization. We realized that game development might be the right way to go and started to create a small RPG, originally intended as pretty simple straightforward hack’n’slash game. Slowly adding features resulted in quite large RPG game. At about 2003/2004 we have get in touch with UK based game design company International Hobo, which helped us to greatly improve the game content, resulting in late 2004 release of Kult: Heretic Kingdoms (Heretic Kingdoms: The Inquisition).

Soon after finishing Kult: Heretic Kingdoms team of 3Division joined our ranks and soon Air Conflicts release followed.

o In present, folks of 3D People, International Hobo and other companies are hardly working to bring you the new titles of outstanding fun and quality – new games will be announced soon, check regularly our website for news…

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3D People

Country: Slovakia