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Abyssal Arts Ltd.

Abyssal Arts is an international indie game house headed by Keaton White. Its members share a love of games and whiskey, and so after much considered thought and a coin flip between a distillery and a game house, they went with the thing they actually knew how to do.

Creating Abyssal Arts

After years of dreaming and planning, Capcom alum Keaton White got the chance to start Abyssal Arts when he moved 6,000 miles to marry his college sweetheart. He teamed up with Ryan Becker, an immensely talented fellow game designer, and Moira Katson, a SciFi and Fantasy author looking to create interactive stories, and the three brainstormed City of the Shroud®. Bringing in fellow industry vets, programmers, and artists, they built Abyssal Arts from the ground up with the goal of creating games that push boundaries while maintaining that satisfying action-game crunch.

The Future of Abyssal

Working internationally comes with its own unique challenges, but with Keaton's experience in external collaboration at Capcom, our strong personal ties, and a lot of humor and sleep deprivation, the Abyssal Arts team has been able to create City of the Shroud® knowing that their team has all the right people, no matter where they may be geographically. As they prepare to launch the Kickstarter for City of the Shroud the team continues to mix, match, and combine a menagerie of ideas and distill them into full-flavored concepts with a smooth burn and and the complex, satisfying finish that only a melange of cultures can provide.

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