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Tuesday - October 10, 2023
Sunday - February 16, 2020
Friday - January 31, 2020
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Tuesday - October 10, 2023

Archetype Entertainment - James Ohlen Interview

by Silver, 01:12

RockPaperShotgun interviewed James Ohlen who is currently producing a science fiction RPG for Wizards of the Coast. The interview is mostly about James' history and prior games he has worked on.

At this point, a Knights Of The Old Republic 3 directed by Ohlen would be “not great”, he says. “Because I’m all Star Wars’d out. I have nothing else to say about Star Wars. But if a whole new studio does KOTOR 3 that loved KOTOR, that could be an amazing game. So hopefully Disney makes that happen. But probably not, because executives around there are all probably going, ‘It’s too hardcore.’” Ohlen still remembers the efforts he made to convince EA boss John Riccitiello that fantasy was a genre that could sell. “I had this whole PowerPoint presentation,” he says. “We have Lord Of The Rings! We have World Of Warcraft! We have Diablo!” 


“My demands were, ‘I only do this if I get to start my own studio in Austin, I get to choose who I hire, I get to choose exactly the kind of IP I want to make, no one’s gonna tell me anything about how to make the game.” At this point, Ohlen adopts a megalomaniacal tone, as if he were Baldur’s Gate baddy Sarevok, ascending to the throne of the dead god Bhaal. “I want control over absolutely everything! I want all the power!”

To his surprise, Wizards said yes, and Ohlen has been happily presiding over Archetype Entertainment ever since, building a new sci-fi RPG world without interference. “If you’ve seen the games I like to build, it’s that style of game,” he says. “But then it leans into the people and technology that I have available.” Ohlen won’t elaborate on what’s in his toybox, for fear of spilling secrets - but it’s worth noting that Mass Effect legend Drew Karpyshyn joined Archetype in 2020 as lead writer. “The feel in the studio reminds me of my early days at BioWare,” wrote Karpyshyn on his blog at the time. “I can feel the magic in the air.”


Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Sunday - February 16, 2020

Archetype Entertainment - Drew Karpyshyn Joins the Studio

by Silver, 22:36

Drew Karpyshyn talked about the reasons he is joining Archetype Entertainment on his personal blog.

Archetype Entertainment

Wow. It’s been a loooong time since I updated this page. The past couple years have been busy for me; I worked on a number of different projects. Some, like the Odyssey of the Dragonlords RPG campaign, were wildly successful. Other projects, like my work as a writer for the interactive narrative mobile app Storyscape, didn’t pan out.

Unfortunately, Storyscape was cancelled after only a year. I was lucky enough to have my series – Edge of Extinction – get published before the app went dark, but it sucks knowing it’s gone now. A lot of talented people were involved in my project and the other Storyscape titles (Titanic, X-Files, Life 2.0, Eternal City), and I thought we had something with real potential. But sometimes the video game industry is a harsh and unforgiving environment. (Maybe that’s what inspired me to write Edge of Extinction?) If you want to get a sense of what we were doing and how it resonated with fans you can check out the Storyscape Reddit… but it might make you long for what was lost.

Fortunately for me, I have another gig now. I’m proud to announce that I’m the lead writer for Archetype Entertainment!Founded by James Ohlen – the creative genius behind BioWare hits like Baldur’s Gate, KOTOR and Dragon Age – Archetype is a new video game studio under the Wizards of the Coast umbrella… and I haven’t been this excited to work on a project in a long, long time! (Side note: I’ve always enjoyed working with WotC; they even published my first novel!)

I’ve been in the video game industry for twenty years now. When I started at BioWare, everything was fresh and exciting. It was a dream job – talented people working together to create epic games like Baldur’s Gate, KOTOR, Mass Effect and Dragon Age. But as we grew and became more successful, things changed. We became more corporate. We were less able to make what we loved, and the teams were pushed to create games based on market research rather than our creative instincts and passions. My dream job became just a job, and I lost the enthusiasm and excitement I once had.

But with Archetype, my passion has been rekindled. The feel in the studio reminds me of my early days at BioWare; I can feel the magic in the air. And even though I can’t get too deep into the specifics of what we’re working on yet,we’re already generating plenty of excitement in the industry.

I know we have big shoes to fill. With BioWare, I was part of a legacy that will endure forever. We created some of the most beloved CRPGs of the past two decades. But I truly believe at Archetype we have the talent and the opportunity to do something just as amazing!

This journey is only beginning, and I know it will be long and challenging. But for the first time in a long time, I can’t wait to travel down this path again!

Thanks Farflame!

Friday - January 31, 2020

Archetype Entertainment - Wizards of the Coast Formed Studio

by Silver, 20:22

@Bluesnews A new studio formed by Wizards of the Coast called Archetype Entertainment, is being headed up by James Ohlen, formerly of Bioware.


Archetype Entertainment is a game development studio in Austin, Texas led by industry veterans from BioWare and other AAA studios. Founded in 2019, Archetype is an autonomous division of Wizards of the Coast. We are assembling a world-class team to build a multi-platform roleplaying game set in a new science fiction universe.

At Archetype, we believe there will always be a place for story-driven roleplaying games that put the player at the center of an epic personal narrative with impactful choices. We are building games that represent the diversity of our audience. We also believe that game studios should empower top developers and challenge them with ambitious projects that are shaped by a strong, clearly communicated creative vision.

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