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Archon is the company that developed the remake of Utlima 6 called The Ultima 6 Project.

The current team roster includes:



Zephyr designed most of the branching dialog system. He also coordinates many tasks and dabbles in a little of everything, including 3d modeling, world building, and coding in and out of skrit. Zephyr wrote the Dungeon Siege Font Designer and, with Frilly Wumpus, has built an NPC Designer tool that makes building NPCs with dialogs and schedules a much more manageable task.

Frilly Wumpus (yes, you read that right)


A corporate Delphi developer by day, Frilly Wumpus spends his nights in more creative endeavors. He is currently building the spell casting and magic system whilst learning the intricacies of Skrit and Siege FX. Frilly Wumpus was responsible for bringing us the boat, stat and teleportation systems (along with many other behind the scenes things). Mr. Wumpus also built the Dungeon Siege UI Designer, which has proven invaluable to the Archon effort.



WyrdWeb has taken upon herself the enormous task of completing all of the dialog in the game, including all of the new content, come hell or high water. Her contributions have been invaluable to the team, including artwork, world-building, original writing, team management, and implementation of a massive amount of dynamic content using Frilly Wumpus's "usecode" system. She has also provided countless hours of testing services, and uncovered a number of niggling problems, which should also be fixed in the next release. Many thanks to WyrdWeb.


Content Coordinator

Aletys has put in countless hours finding problems and documenting implementation plans for the team. Many thanks to her for helping to vastly improve the quality of the game. Aletys also puts together monthly press releases and manages many of the QA tasks to keep the testing team on track.


Lead 3D Modeler

Niko creates, textures, and animates 3D models professionally, and helps us with the U6 Project in his spare time. His most notable contributions to the U6 Project are the models, textures and animations for the gargoyle race. His personal website shows some of his additional, non-Ultima-related work.


Skrit Programmer, UI Designer

Ozzy is designing and implementing a fantastic journal system for taking notes along your journey. He is also responsible for most of the code that makes the doors open and close for the NPCs of Britannia. Many thanks to Ozzy for his contributions!

Destiny Hikari


Helen Trevillion (a.k.a. Destiny Hikari) is an immensely talented composer. Listen to her amazing new CD here . Helen contributed the rollicking fun "pirate theme" for Buccaneer's Den.

Roland La Goy


Roland is a very talented composer and has contributed a great deal of music to the project.

David Green


David is one of our newest additions, and has already provided several themes to the project. Many thanks to David!


QA Testing

Jyte joins us after a stint with the U5 Lazarus project. We are grateful to have his help with testing. He has also put together a new development environment installer, which has proven extremely useful.

Android Andy

World Builder

Andy built Lord British's castle and the town of Britain.


QA Testing, Lead World Builder

Alfie signed up via Project Britannia's forums and has been invaluable at finding random, strange errors, balance issues, and exploits. He also single-handedly built the majority of the nodes for the underworld, and also spends a lot of time fixing various problems that we are too busy to address. He also coordinates getting new team members up to speed with the development tools. We are very glad he came on board.


QA Tester, Liaison RPGWatch

Corwin comes to us via RPGWatch, a site dedicated to RPG gaming. He's found lots of great bugs and is helping spread the word to the rest of the world about the U6 Project. He is, in a sense, our Avatar.


Portrait Artist

Devon is an accomplished portrait artist and musician, and has already contributed several portraits for the upcoming M6 release.

Box Art

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