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Established in 1995, Auran first came to prominence with the hit RTS "Dark Reign: The Future of War", which won Strategy Game of the Year in 1997. As one of Australia's oldest and largest game studios Auran has won numerous technology awards and operates from world-class facilities in sunny sub-tropical Brisbane. Auran has constantly been at the leading edge of game technology, including creating one of the world’s first multi-purpose engine Auran Jet which was first released in 2001. Auran was also the first Australian developer to release a Massively Multi-player Online title, FURY in 2007.

Auran is currently producing the 5th major version of its evergreen title, Trainz Railroad Simulator, which has sold more than 1 Million units world-wide since it was first released in 2001. With almost 300,000 registered users, Trainz dominates the niche train simulator market. The Trainz community is one of the largest 3rd party development teams in the world with 100,000 items being made available through the Trainz Download Station.

In addition to our strong development credentials, after several years of publishing under the Auran brand, the Directors of Auran established N3VRF41L Publishing as a separate entity in 2006. N3V has grown to be one of top independent games publisher in the Australian, New Zealand and Asian games markets. Having connections with leading publishers and developers such as Irrational Games, JoWooD Productions, 1C Company, Techland, Paradox, Monte Cristo, Cyanide Studios, Stardock, Whiptail Interactive and many more, N3V is aiming to be the publisher of choice for independent game developers. If you are a developer looking for a closer working relationship with your publisher, please visit our Games pages for more information about the services we offer.

Auran is always looking for new opportunities to leverage it’s technology, team, talent and experience into new and exciting fields such as simulation based training, virtual worlds, online games and more.

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