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Big Huge Games

Description from its website:

The Big Huge Mission


We exist to create best-in-class games with broad commercial and critical appeal in an environment that attracts and retains world-class talent.

The Big Huge Philosophy


1. Make Best-in-class Games

Big Huge Games aims to create games that are both commercial and critical successes. We are not built to create "art-house film" equivalents that are unlikely to compete well in the market. We are also not built to create games based purely on the financials. Both of those business models have their place, but we have hired people that are passionate about making games they would love to play as mass-market gamers.


2. Practice Intellectual Honesty

Big Huge Games believes strongly in constant self-criticism and reassessment. The formal definition of Intellectual Honesty is "keeping one's convictions in-line with the evidence." By emphasizing this value, we diminish the impact of positions established from dogma, ego, or previously-held stances. This also creates an environment where people can back down from those stances without loss of face. It also encourages us to seek new evidence at every turn, including sanity checks from external partners. Finally, this philosophy reminds us to investigate our own assumptions, ask hard questions, and be up-front with ourselves when evaluating the steps necessary for success - in short, refusing to drink our own kool-aid.


3. Teamwork Drives Success

Without question, the people we have assembled and the processes that enable productive collaboration are the foundation for everything we do. Because of this, Big Huge values team skills as much as we value technical skills. We've often phrased this as "we don't hire 5-star technicians with 2-star personalities." By hiring the right people, focusing on retention, and emphasizing collaboration at all levels, we strive to create an environment where people are happy to come to work each day.


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