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Welcome to Bigfingers.

For the time being, these projects are the work of just one man. I've been a gamer my whole life, a visual artist for most of it, and more recently, a programmer and game developer.

All of these games have varying levels of adult content. Locker Stalker is a light-hearted, saucy game of peekaboo with naked athletes, and See no Evil, while certainly explicit at times, is a game about turning a manipulative demon's tactics back on him. My upcoming game, Bastard Bonds, features some casual nudity, but is not explicit at all, and the same can be said of my ongoing project, Townseed.

Whether the projects have explicit material or not, they're all produced from a place of genuine passion without compromising for the sake of a hypothetical audience's delicate sensibilities. Everything here is presented in just the way I wanted, with nothing filtered out because "you can't do that", and I don't ever intend for that to change. These projects have been more satisfying than anything I've done in my long career so far, and I hope I will have the opportunity to do many more like them.

Thanks for reading this far. My library may be modest, but I hope you will give my work a look and find something to enjoy.


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