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Black Hole Entertainment

Description from its website:

Black Hole Entertainment was founded in 2001 in Budapest, Hungary, by seven game-enthusiasts with a passion to create top-quality video games.

Our first title, Armies of Exigo, a fantasy real-time strategy game was published by Electronic Arts at the end of 2004. Even today, six years afterits release Exigo has a large community whose members still love and play the game.

In 2005 we partnered with NAMCO BANDAI Games America and began developing Warhammer: Mark of Chaos, a revolutionary tactical strategy game set the the renowned Warhammer world. The game was published at the end of 2006 for the PC.

After the release of Mark of Chaos, we began developing Warhammer: Battle March for Xbox 360 and the PC. This expansion was built upon Mark of Chaos with two new factions, new units added for each existing faction, as well as an orginal campaign and new online game modes. Warhammer: Battle March was published in 2008.

Black Hole Entertainment is currently working on Heroes of Might and Magic 6: Dynasties, the sixth installment in the world famous Heroes of Might and Magic series, and an unannounced shooter title for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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