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Blue Manchu

We’re Blue Manchu, a group of industry vets trying something new and different. We’ve got decades of experience on all kinds of games.

We are:

Jonathan Chey

Game designer and programmer. Co-founder of Irrational Games, director of development on BioShock, producer of System Shock 2 and designer of Freedom Force. Cut his chops at Looking Glass where he worked on Thief and Flight Unlimited 2, and wrote 5 lines of code for Terra Nova.


Indie slacker and programmer. Formerly of Irrational Games, concurrently of Farbs Farbs Farbs. Responsible for ROM CHECK FAIL, working on the Captain Forever series.

Ben Lee

Art director and executive vice president of laundry services. While at Irrational Games, used his super-powers to create the art for Freedom Force and many other games. “I TOLD YOU NO STARCH!!!”

Michael Pruess

Game designer. Primarily works with tabletop games, having designed for Pathfinder RPG and co-founded Lixivium Games, creators of Laboratory Mayhem. (Goes by Flaxative in Card Hunter.)

Tess Snider

Free range programmer. Previously of Trion Worlds and Imaginary Numbers. Until now, has had her name misspelled in all of her game credits, including Rift.

Jason Maltzen

Nobody’s programmer but his own. Veteran of online games from Origin Systems to NCsoft to Trion Worlds. Can substitute for an IT department in a pinch.

Dorian Hart

Game designer and Dungeon Master extraordinaire. Veteran of Irrational Games and Looking Glass Studios. Game credits include: Ultima Underworld II, System Shock I and II, Thief and BioShock among others.

Joe McDonagh

Game designer and writer. Previously Production Director and Peggle Studio Franchise Director at PopCap Games. Prior to that, company Creative Director for LucasArts. Spent five years at Irrational Games, eventually as Director of Creative Development. Co-recipient of GDC’s 2007 award for Best Writing in a Video Game for BioShock.

Richard Garfield

Design consultant. Created Magic:  The Gathering, which you may have heard of.

Skaff Elias

Design consultant. Magic designer and founder of the Magic pro-tour.

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