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Burut CT

Description from its website:

“Burut CT” is one of the major Russian companies in the field of PC game development. Today “Burut CT” Company owns a few development studios, a sound production department and the department of animation, localization and programming studios. In the whole the Company unites more than a 100 professionals – game designers, 3D modelers and designers, 2D designers, animators, programmers, script programmers, vizualizers, sound engineers, translators, artists, testers.


We maintain business collaboration with the best Russian and foreign publishers, like “Russobit-M”, “Akella”, "CDV Software Entertainment AG", "Playlogic Entertainment, Inc. ". “Burut CT” offers in-house, thoroughly developed PC games where we try to cover interesting game genres, splendid graphics, fascinating storyline, appealing animations… Well, a picture is worth a thousand words!


“Burut CT” Company has gained the reputation and public acknowledgement after creation and development of such games as:


“Heath” – 2001

“GoldenLand” – 2003

“Kreed” – 2003

“GoldenLand 2: Cold Heaven” – 2004

“Kreed: Battle for Savitar” – 2004

“UberSoldier” – 2006


At present we are working on a few interesting projects and will be posting info about them in announcements and news on our website.

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Burut CT

Country: Russian Federation