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CD Projekt RED

Description from CD Projekt's website:

CD Projekt Red Studio was established in February 2002, and since September 2003 the team has been working on its first project. The vision of CD Projekt Red Studio is to create role playing games that millions of players would love. That means producing computer games with great playability that would also have a great commercial potential. CD Projekt Red Studio benefits from the experience and financial support from publishing part of CD Projekt well known as the best RPG publisher in Poland (all major RPGs were published in Poland by CD Projekt). Currently (1st March 2004) the CD Projekt Red Studio team consists of 15 professionals working hard to create their first game.


The first assumption of CD Projekt Red Studio is to focus on only one product at a time, so that it would result in a great game, which would gain popularity all over the world. The first project is an action role playing game entitled "The Witcher" based on a setting known from the novels of the best-selling Polish fantasy author - Andrzej Sapkowski. Still, the knowledge of the novels is not needed to enjoy the gameplay, but it could be additional benefit for the gamers from the countries where the books were published, such us Poland, Germany, Russia, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary and Lithuania.


The vision of the game can be shortly summarized in one sentence: "An action-oriented, visually stunning, easy to use, single player RPG, with a deep and intriguing storyline."

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