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Cryptic Comet

Description from its website:

Cryptic Comet is an independent game company dedicated to correcting the proposition that there simply aren’t enough good computer turn based strategy games being made anymore. Nerds, geeks and crusty war gamers are often being asked to strategize in both 3-D and real time and the experience is often unpleasant. Cryptic Comet aims to create stimulating and entertaining turn based strategy games using many of the mechanics on which both board and collectible card games draw. If you are comfortable with bits, die and flat playing boards then you will have no problems picking up our games.


The key to a great strategy game is offering what designers call a rich and meaningful decision space. You often recognize the results in a game when you get that brain itch sensation at 2 am while trying to decide whether you should build another world wonder or declare war on France. If you feel like you have to play just one more turn then we have done our job.


Our first project is a computer board game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Not that we don’t love elves, but we hope that a less common theme will prove a breath of fresh air and as an “indie” developer we have the luxury to take a chance and roll the die so to say. We hope to create more games in the future with strong, unusual and intriguing themes.


If you find these types of games interesting then please tell your friends about us and chat us up on your favorite message boards. We would greatly appreciate any help in spreading the word about our game.

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