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Deep Shadows

Description from its website:

Deep Shadows is the leading cross-platform game development and outsourcing company based in Kiev, Ukraine.

It was founded in 2001 and is one of the oldest and most experienced company in ex-USSR. Since its foundation, Deep Shadows has created several very popular games. The company does the different kind of art and code outsourcing and has a casual game development department.

Deep Shadows has pioneered new approach to the genre making mix of RPG with freeplay shooter. The company owns the inhouse-developed engine that supports PC and XBOX360 platforms, PS3 platform code is in the development. The key feature of the engine is support of dozens of type of the vehicles that player is able to control and big seamless world where you can walk anywhere without any loading times during gameplay.

The company does the different kind of art and code outsourcing. We are realiable partner that delivers the high-quality product.

We use Agile / Scrum methodology in our company.

There are over 30 employees in the company now and we are always open for cooperation.

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Deep Shadows

Country: Ukraine