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Dreadbit was founded in February 2014 by Daniel Leaver.

Daniel wished to create a studio that would not have a permanent staff, but rather would pull in the development talent required on a per project basis, coordinating the team and delivering top quality indie games. Much like how the movie industry works today. 

Drawing upon his 8 year experience in the games industry, Daniel recognised that the need to be continually producing titles in order to pay full-time salaries seemed to lead to unnecessary stress, worry and compromise in the games that were made.

Instead, with Dreadbit, each new game is a pitch; not to publishers or venture capitalists, but to the developers he trusts. If they can get excited about the concept, then it deserves to be made. The team will come together and work exclusively on that project, one project at a time.

The first title to be worked on in such a fashion was Ironcast, now available for PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 and XBOX One. 

Dreadbit’s 2nd title, Seraph, is due to launch in 2016.

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