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dtp entertainment was founded in 1995 in Hamburg by Thomas Baur, and became a public limited company in 1999. dtp is one of the leading national publishers, developers and distributors in the entertainment software industry, and currently employs 110 personnel (as at October 2010) at its offices in Hamburg. dtp entertainment develops and publishes entertainment software across all platforms and sells and distributes the titles in all the market channels via an international network of partners.


dtp’s activities focus on four main areas: games development, publishing, sales and marketing of games, publishing and marketing of children’s software and the distribution business. dtp entertainment publishes internationally renowned entertainment software in all genres and over all platforms. The creation of dtp young entertainment in 2004 has enabled dtp to become a key player in the children’s sector. With its distribution partners program, dtp entertainment can offer full service provision for the German-speaking market.


dtp entertainment is one of the largest commissioners of entertainment software from German developers. dtp founded Cranberry Production, the development studio based in Germany (Hanover, formerly 4Head, 2007), to demonstrate its strategic commitment to further high-quality games development for mobile Apple platforms in particular, and is continuing to expand its development resources.


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