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Hanako Games

For too many people, "girl games" means nothing but bright pink and dolls and dress-up and shopping. Well, those can be fun, but there are plenty of girls whose lives don't begin and end at the mall. Fiction for girls (and young adults in general) often focuses on other common girl-interests, like horses, magic, and fantasy. So why aren't there more girl games with unicorns instead of prom dresses?

We do not think of ourselves as just "games for girls", although we are definitely girl-friendly. Anyone who likes fantasy and adventure, anime games, or just cute stuff is more than welcome here. We hope you will enjoy what you find and come back in the future to see what other games we have made. We may surprise you!


Who is behind Hanako Games?

Georgina Bensley once had a ColecoVision, and it gave her a lifelong fondness for games that are small and simple but well-designed and fun. Some of her (slightly) more recent favorites include the classic Quest adventure games from Sierra, the never-officially-released Princess Maker, and the excellent Fallout RPG series. She prefers a good story to a twitchy-trigger-finger challenge, and feels that the world does not need yet another 3D action game. She is also a fan of anime, which is reflected in the company name and graphical design of games.

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