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What does Hex mean?

A long time ago, there was a legend that everyone played games on red and white machines.

The storage unit used by the red and white machine is 8 bytes, so it is also called 8-bit machine.

Later, Saturn and PS game consoles appeared, and these are all 16-bit.

The point is that HEX is a 16-bit computer term in the computer.

The meaning of our studio boss is to return to the madness of those games brought by the 8-bit machine era.

There must be a 16-bit machine era to give players a picture impact. Well, it is now the opposite of the big factory to play the game, and return to the game of Puhua.

Oh, it’s too deep. I don’t understand after waiting for 00. I don’t understand...

Cough... In order to keep the job, we will return to the text to continue the diary.

Recently the company is making a game called "Dungeon of Dragon Knight."


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