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Hothead Games

From their website: 

Hothead Games was founded on a dream… a dream to release the same World War II Normandy beach game year after year. Sadly, someone beat us to that dream... everyone really, so we decided to make innovative games that would frighten would-be investors instead.


When making Penny Arcade Adventures: On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, we believed the game would sell millions of copies and have an incredibly long name. We were half right.


Luckily for everyone at Hothead, legendary developer Ron Gilbert emerged with a savage howl from his decades-long hibernation to begin work on DeathSpank, the most anticipated game since the bible. Recognizing the employees of Hothead as being both funny people and funny looking, Ron decided to join the company and bring DeathSpank to life. Metaphorically we hope.


While hard at work pondering a release date for DeathSpank, we also found a way to leech acclaim and recognition by bringing the more famous game, Braid, to the PS3 and the Mac. Now when people say “Hey, didn’t you guys make Braid?” we just nod vaguely and change the subject.


In 2006 we began work on Swarm, an incredibly unique and award-winning game concept we knew we had to keep developing right away, so in 2009 we hired a second Swarm team member to help us keep up with all that momentum.


At Hothead Games we play games, we make games, and we’re proud to play the games we’ve made.

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