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Katauri Interactive

Translated description from its website:

Welcome to the website of the company Katauri Interactive!

We develop game software, doing computer games. Our company established in 2004. There are professionals in their field, skilled programmers, artists, designers, abilities which can be evaluated on these projects:



2011 " King's Bounty: Armored Princess "

Developer: "Katauri Interactive". Publisher: 1C Company. "

Continued adventure role-playing game "King's Bounty: The Legend of the Knight", in which the player in the role of Princess Amelie go into the world of Teany, where she was to find a famous knight and his mentor, Bill Gilbert.


2008 " King's Bounty: The Legend of Knight "

Developer: "Katauri Interactive". Publisher: 1C Company. "

The legendary knight saga, an exciting blend of role-playing adventure and saturated tactical battles reviving glorious traditions of the legendary "King's Bounty".


2007 " Space Rangers 2: Dominators. Reboot "

Developer: "Katauri Interactive". Publisher: 1C Company. "

Addition to the new text jobs, articles, maps of battles and additional game modes.


2004 " Space Rangers 2: Dominators "

Developer: "Elemental Games". Publisher: 1C Company. "

Continued Rangers got excellent grades, as in the CIS countries and abroad. Game was so popular that two years later, was released addition to new jobs, items, etc.


2002 " Space Rangers "

Developer: "Elemental Games". Publisher: 1C Company. "

Adventure game. Widely known and loved in the CIS countries. Distinguished by the presence of unique natural world and the possibility of multiple passage on record.


1999 " The General "

Developer: "NewGame Software". Propagation - Freeware.

Strategic game. The game was a success among strategists, standing out from a number of strategies for the strongest AI and the possibility of tournament play.



Currently the studio is working on a new project, details of which have not been disclosed.

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