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Liber Primus Games

Tom, Game design

Tom has been involved with role playing for the past 35 years. He’s a real veteran of the field, having translated a dozen fantasy books and being the editor-in-chief of the Hungarian edition of Dragon Magazine. He holds a PhD in biology and one in information science. He was member of the team who cloned Dolly the sheep. He’s the father of Narborion, writer and storyteller.

Dan, Operations

Dan is the guy who tries to keep the team of creatives, authors and dreamers together. Chief-whatever-needs-to-be-done-Officer, he jumped in to write, to coordinate, to specify, to transport, to furnish, to transfer salaries… He is a business-technology hybrid, making things like Narborion happen.

Sylvia, Co-author of Book II.

Sylvia is a great addition to our team. She joined us for Book II and hopefully she will stay for many-many books to come. She lives in Chicago and keeps adding a nice touch to the story.

Francis, Co-author of Book I.

Our young writer, Francis has everything we need: talent, imagination and endurance. He’s our shield bearer and though we might have overloaded him a bit, we really like his work.

Gabriella, Art

Gabriella, the creative mind behind the look-and-feel of Narborion. She’s an experienced and highly talented graphics designer with perfect intuition to know what the gamebook needs. Without her, there would only be text. With her, everything came to life. You can reach her here.

Gábor, Illustrations

Gábor, with his magnificent art skills, made all the illustrations in the book. He’s an inspired painter and illustrator with many years of professional education and role-playing illustration experience behind him. We owe him a lot.

Special thanks to the JayStack team ( – Hajnalka, József, Viktor and Fülöp for their stamina, resilience and toughness as the developers of the application they had to endure working with really crazy people who often did not know what they wanted. They always figured it out and you can play with it now. And to Peter, for saving the project. Twice. I mean three times. All right, all right – maybe it was four. And also to another Peter, for making the first prototype and figuring our the basics.

A huge thank you is in order to Martyn Beardsley ( as well, for all his copy-editing work on the raw text.

If you want to reach out to the team, you can do it by contacting Dan here.

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