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Saturday - January 22, 2022
Friday - August 08, 2014
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Saturday - January 22, 2022

Logic Artists - Expeditions Developer Closing Down

by Silver, 21:02

@TechRaptor Logic Artists, having just released Expeditions: Rome will be closing down and the developers will join Dynasty Studios to make NFT games.

There's bad news for fans of the Expeditions franchise -- Expeditions: Rome developer Logic Artists is closing down and joining Dynasty Studios to make NFT games.

Expeditions: Rome has launched today, a little more than a year after the game was first revealed. It's a solid entry in the franchise, but it also looks like it may be the last: Logic Artists is closing down and joining Dynasty Studios to make NFT games.



Friday - August 08, 2014

RPGWatch - A short Q&A with Logic Artists

by Gorath, 11:29

In our short interview Danish developer Logic Artists tells us about their upcoming game Clandestine and an Expeditions: Conquistador sequel. Here's a sample:

RPGWatch: In the meantime Expeditions: Conquistador got the second wind. What are the chances for Expeditions: The Sequel after your next game?

Logic Artists: We’ve been planning a sequel to Conquistador since before the first game was released. The whole idea of the Expeditions prefix is that we really want to do more games like Conquistador - turn-based RPGs built around a strong narrative core. The heart of the Expeditions series, as we hope it will become, is the idea of setting out into the unknown with a small group of people under your command. It’s about exploration in historical settings, it’s about the clash of vastly different cultures, and it’s about letting the player experiment with values and mindsets that are very far removed from our modern, more or less enlightened age. The next Expeditions game will take place in a different time and a different part of the world than Conquistador, but it will maintain the core gameplay of its predecessor.

Click here to read the whole thing.

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