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Prairie Games

Randel Reiss, Director of Product Development

Randel Reiss has been a game developer and publisher for more than a quarter century. Randel has worked for or with many of the top tier companies of the game industry including Electronic Arts, Sony, SEGA, Microsoft, Activision, Harmonix, Bioware/Pandemic, and THQ. Recently, Randel did subcontract project management and team management for Microsoft's social/avatar-based New X-box Experience, Mythic/EA's MMORPG Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, Pandemic's Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, DICE/EA's MMO Battlefield: Bad Company, EA's Medal of Honor: Airborne, EA's FIFA Street 3, and EA's social-brand Sports World Online. Randel led the Sony studio responsible for making the Playstation 2 and 3 a successful internet platform, and helped develop 3D social environments for Coca Cola, Geffen Records, The Gap, Element Skateboards, and MTV.

Scott Haile, Creative Director

Scott Haile has been an Art and Creative Director in the entertainment, game and internet industries for over 20 years. Scott has worked as an expert on bleeding edge innovation for corporate leaders such as SEGA, Sony, ATARI, and Microsoft. Originally a designer for motion pictures and television, Scott was one of the first cross-industry artists to join the growing game community of the 1980s. Not only an artistic pioneer in the 16-bit game revolution for Sega of America, he was at the front of edutainment and multimedia wave for Broderbund, helped define online use of next-gen consoles for Sony Computer Entertainment America, and worked on the java, jscript, and internet content standards for Microsoft, Inc. An early developer in web technology, online social and virtual communities, Scott has helped start-ups such as Dimension X, MetaTV, Grouper Networks, Wallop Technologies, Inc., position their content and brand for marketplace and investment success.

Yuri Syrov, Engineering Consultant

Yuri Syrov is one the very few engineering architects that has touched nearly every competitive advancement in the interactive entertainment industry. Using his Master's degree in math-physics and 25 years of experience he has optimized dozens of high-profile, big budget, games such as Electronic Arts' Medal of Honor, Battlefield, James Bond, Lord of the Rings, Warhammer Online, Mercenaries and Activisions' Spider-man brands. Recently Yuri worked with Microsoft on the new Xbox Dashboard Experience. Yuri was technology key-man on the revolutionary Sega Dreamcast and 3DO video game consoles' hardware, software, and tools development teams.

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