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Rampant Games

Rampant Games is a developer and digital distributor of indie games. It is run by Jay Barnson, who is also known as the "Rampant Coyote". The company has a frequently updated blog with news and features primarily about indie RPGs.

From the website:

Indie games are created without oversight or funding by any major publisher. They are created by small teams of dedicated individuals who do what they do because they love it. These games aren't designed by a committee, developed by a shifting team of a hundred individuals, or mandated by suits or marketers. These are games built in the basements, garages, bedrooms, and home offices of enthusiasts. And their works are infused with the creativity and personality of their artists.

It's like the way games used to be. But without the lousy graphics and 32k memory restrictions. Or blowing on the cartridge.

Rampant Games develops and distributes the best indie games, particularly those in overlooked genres like indie role-playing games, adventure games, and more off-beat strategy titles.

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