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Shiny Entertainment, Inc.

Shiny Entertainment is a video game development studio based in Newport Beach, California (US). Shiny was founded in 1993 by David Perry after he left London for the US.

The company was originally known for its humorous games, such as the Earthworm Jim series, which spawned a successful line of action figures, comic books and a syndicated television cartoon series on the Universal Cartoon Studios/Warner Kids Network. Shiny was acquired by Interplay in 1995 and in the following five years they released MDK (1997), Wild 9 (1999), Messiah (2000) and Sacrifice (2000).

The critics' acclaim for their titles was not always reflected in the sales numbers, and in 2002 the company was acquired by Infogrames (later Atari), which meant a drastic change for the company's focus. Shiny released two games based on the Matrix films franchise: Enter the Matrix (2003) and The Matrix: Path of Neo. Although less polished than their previous games, those were Shiny's biggest successes.

In February 2006, Atari announced to restructure and sell Shiny. Founder David Perry resigned to spend more time raising interest for potential buyers, to rejoin afterwards. He announced to do this to avoid stepping on anybody's toes inside Atari, as he was also a member of various boards.

Eventually, David Perry did not return to the company and started directing an MMORPG at Acclaim Games. In October 2006, Atari sold Shiny to Foundation 9 Entertainment.

A year later, the company was merged with another studio of Foundation 9, The Collective. The merged studios were renamed into Double Helix Games.

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