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Tuesday - April 05, 2016
Box Art

Tuesday - April 05, 2016

Antinomy - Update

by Hiddenx, 21:20

Farflame spotted this post-Kickstarter update for Antinomy:

Preparing the first reward & late pledge option

Dear backers, supporters and all of you who are new to the Antinomy page,

we had some days that were not exactely quiet but less exhausting than the last days of our campaign before. However, we couldn´t sit still knowing that some of you are already eagerly waiting for their first rewards, so we started with two major works at hands:

  • First, we can now officially announce that the work on our main char Nathaniel Rosenthal has begun. We will keep you in the loop regarding his evolution from first 2D sketches to fully playable UE4 character here!
  • In addition to that, we have loaded the old world prototype into the most recent version of GameGuru and gave it a shot in order to compile a version all of you with Early Access pledge tiers can play.

You didn't pledge during the campaign?

Well, while this might seem unfortunate, don't despair: We received so many requests AFTER the campaign ended, that we decided to open the window of opportunity a little bit longer:

As you might have noticed, we added a "PayPal Pledge" button on the top here. You can also use the DIRECT LINK in order to jump on the train.

Don't forget to write your desired pledge tier into message sent along with your PayPal payment! Doing so, you can also upgrade your pledge level - and get the early acces.

So, did the world prototype project still compile?

Oh yes, it did - we already have a compiled windows version that will be sent into compatibility testing on monday! 

The best news is, that by testing it, we realized how much gameplay was already there to fool around with - although spread among a huge area and sometimes hard to find. We had totally forgotten that, in the last iterations of the world prototyping, we had put up some enemies there for testing purposes. Because of a lack of good 1892 AD models, we used modern soldiers with colts by then.


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