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Wednesday - December 12, 2007
Tuesday - April 24, 2007
Tuesday - December 05, 2006
Thursday - November 02, 2006
Monday - June 12, 2006
Friday - June 09, 2006
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Wednesday - December 12, 2007

Avernum 4 - v1.12 Mac Update

by Dhruin, 21:41

Yep, another Mac Leopard update, this time for Avernum 4.

Tuesday - April 24, 2007

Avernum 4 - v1.1.1 for Mac

by Dhruin, 13:16

An update is available for Avernum 4 for the Mac:

We have released v1.1.1 of Avernum 4 for the Macintosh. This update fixes a crash in an optional event in the late game and tweaks a few other minor things. If you don't want to download a whole new version, there is a small patch to fix the worst bug. Go to the Support Page and read the section "Gallery Wood Chitrach Event Problem".

Tuesday - December 05, 2006

Avernum 4 - Mac Moves to v1.1

by Dhruin, 22:10

The Mac version of Avernum 4 has moved to v1.1.  Word is "This new version is now Universal and runs natively on Intel Macintoshes. Also, the screen resolution switching works much better now."

Thursday - November 02, 2006

Avernum 4 - Download This! @ GameSpy

by Dhruin, 13:29

GameSpy's periodic indie column Download This! includes Spiderweb's Avernum 4 this time around:

Avernum 4 is the perfect game if you're sick of all these newfangled, first-person RPGs and long for something that will remind you of the Ultima series in its heyday.

Monday - June 12, 2006

RPGDot Feature: Avernum 4 Review

by Dhruin, 08:53
We take a look at Spiderweb's latest Avernum epic:
If you are unfamiliar with the series, Avernum is an underground world of tunnels and caverns underneath an arrogant and nameless Empire on the surface. Over many years, the Empire has banished criminals and dissidents to this sub-world, to eke out a harsh existence in the sunless caverns. Over time, these exiles have built an entire culture with towns and settlements, fungi farms and mines - even trade with the surface. But it's a dangerous and unforgiving world full of monsters and battles with bandits and other races, such as hostile factions of the cat-like Nephilim, the lizard-like Slith and more.
If you haven't played one of Spiderweb's games before, this is a great place to start. Read on for the entire review, here.

Friday - June 09, 2006

Avernum 4: Review & Interview @ GamerDad

by Dhruin, 01:48
GamerDad has posted a review of Avernum 4 with a score of 4.5, as well as an interview with Jeff Vogel with a family/kids slant as you'd probably expect:
GamerDad: You are viewed as a milestone success in independent gaming. What would you like to see kids get out of gaming in the future that they are not getting from it today?

Jeff Vogel: I think games are a marvelous leisure activity. I think that children, like every other human, deserve leisure. I think games today are just fine.

Except for one thing I'd like to add. I think that massively multiplayer online role-playing games are some of the most marvelous educational games ever made. I think the way they teach children to type, communicate, and work as a team is truly marvelous.
Thanks Mike!

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