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Saturday - February 22, 2020
Saturday - July 01, 2017
Monday - January 30, 2017
Thursday - December 15, 2016
Sunday - November 20, 2016
Sunday - February 07, 2016
Box Art

Saturday - February 22, 2020

Castle Torgeath - Redux Version Review

by Hiddenx, 07:51

The RPG Crawler checked out the enhanced version of Castle Torgeath:

Indie Game Friday - Castle Torgeath Redux


Saturday - July 01, 2017

Castle Torgeath - Update 1.4.0 available

by Hiddenx, 06:16

Dungeoneering Studios released update 1.4.0 for the dungeon crawler Castle Torgeath: Decent into Darkness:

Castle Torgeath 1.4.0 – More Player and Combat Improvements

Hello everyone!

In this release we made several changes to the player and the enemies to improve combat and game feel. Based on your feedback, we slightly adjusted the player's melee weapons and enemies hit boxes to make the combat feel and look better. We also made adjustments to how the enemies move to make it smoother in normal, hard, and rogue modes. The player was also improved by adding motion to the arms while changing direction. Finally, we made several art improvements to enemy types such as spiders and skeletons as well as improve balancing by disabling the morphs in the first chamber in the first level.

The primary focus with this update was to enhance the player’s feel of the game. One of the biggest changes is that the sword’s hit box was reduced to prevent strange feeling hits that were just beyond the reach of the weapon. Another major addition is arm motion. The arms now react to your change in movement making them feel more realistic. Lastly, dropped keys can no longer uplift the player slightly.

The enemies received feel improvements too. The most important change was tuning up their turn rates. Their turns were originally not that smooth but after playing with several parameters they now are able to turn with ease creating a better experience. The death animations for the skeletons and spiders also got a touchup. They now play faster and reposition themselves better when dying making it look more realistic. Another major improvement is that the enemies’ time to react to hits has been adjusted to give you more of the feeling of hitting the center of the enemy rather than the sides. The final change is that the rats in the first chamber at start of the game now don’t morph so you will not encounter morphs too early in the game.

Here are the full details of the update:
  • Adjusted all enemy hit boxes
  • Adjusted player melee weapons hit boxes
  • Adjusted all enemies to make for smoother motion
  • Added player arm motion effects for acceleration/deceleration
  • Adjusted all spider death animations
  • Disabled morphing in the first chamber in the first level
  • Fix some minor issues found in our testing and reported by the community


Monday - January 30, 2017

Castle Torgeath - Update 1.1.0 available

by Hiddenx, 22:57

The Action RPG Castle Torgeath got an update:

Castle Torgeath 1.1.0 – Controller Support and Art

Hello everyone!

For this update, we have added partial-controller support and many scenery improvements in all levels of the game. We have tested Xbox 360 controllers on Windows 7 and 8 as well as Xbox one controllers for Windows 10. In addition, new scenery items such as candles and loot were added in all levels. These additions provide an improved ambiance, especially in the later levels, and double as clues for the dungeon.

We wanted to add controller support to give off the old-style console dungeon crawler feel. With our current partial controller support you will be able to look around, use all the attacks, block, run, select objects, switch weapons, access various menus, sheath your weapon, and basically do anything you could do with the keyboard and mouse outside of the menus.

For the menus, you have complete control of the inventory, character sheet, clue menus, and NPC discussions by using the D-pad and “A” and “B” buttons to select and cancel respectively. You can also overwrite the auto save and load that auto save with the controller. Unfortunately, the options menu and the character customization menu at the beginning of the game won’t be accessible by the controller but still can be used by the mouse. Lastly you can change the look-around sensitivity for the controller by modifying the Mouse/Controller sensitivity setting in the options menu. Overall, using the controller should provide a fun and retro feel to the game if you want to use it.

We also added another layer of various art and effects throughout the game. The idea was to give the entire game a few more sprinkles on top. The main thing was more effects primarily in the form of various types of candles. However, these art additions are not just for game feel. The effects serve as clues on where to go and what you might encounter as you move further in the dungeon. The strategic placing of the effects combined with the art creates a whole new feel for certain sections of the game.

Lastly due to due to the many requests we have received, we wanted to let you know that we intend to work on the map as a primary feature for our next update. There will be a map for each level in addition to a few new unique surprises. We hope to have the new map feature out late February.

Here are the full details of the update:

  • Implemented partial controller support for Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers
  • Updated the Help page with controller button info
  • Added scenery and effects in the Battlements
  • Added scenery and effects in the Library
  • Added scenery, loot, and effects in the Smithy
  • Added scenery, loot, and effects in the Royal Chamber
  • Added scenery and effects in the Mines
  • Added scenery and effects in the Alchemy Labs
  • Changed some enemy types in parts of the Library
  • Fixed various minor bugs

Thursday - December 15, 2016

Castle Torgeath - Released

by Hiddenx, 21:29

Castle Torgeath: Descent into Darkness has been released today:

Castle Torgeath has left Early Access!


Thank you to the fantastic community who has supported us through the development process. We will continue supporting the game and are available on Steam and social media to answer any questions you may have! On behalf of Dungeoneering Studios and Black Shell Media, enjoy the game!

Sunday - November 20, 2016

Castle Torgeath - Update 0.9.9D is now available

by Hiddenx, 20:21

The Early Access dungeon crawler Castle Torgeath: Descent into Darkness got an update:

CT 0.9.9D Update is now available!

Hello everyone!

In this update, we wanted to deal with some of the things that people have been wanting in the game. The largest one is auto-saves. In addition to that we also added Rogue mode, a Hard difficulty, and added additional tutorial information. We also brought back character customization.

The most impactful addition in this update is auto-saves. Auto-saves in our game generates a save file which is overwritten each time an auto-save occurs. These saves happen based off a time interval which is set by the player or when you stop playing the game. The time interval can be set to five, ten, or thirty minutes. Auto-saves can also be turned off for those who want the added challenge.

The second important addition is our new difficulties. We added a new tab in the options menu called Difficulty. This tab is basically where auto-saves and difficulties can be controlled. The three difficulties are Normal, Hard, and Rogue. Normal is the default setting which was what the game was at since our last update. Hard is like normal except the enemies are harder to fight and take down. Rogue is similar to Hard difficulty but forces auto-saves only. You cannot see any other saves when in Rogue. You also are not able to manually save or change difficulties outside of the main menu while in Rogue. These changes should add a new level of challenge for players that want to push themselves further.

There are a handful of other requested things that were added. Character customization makes it’s return bringing a wide variety of options allowing you to make the player your own. The player can change his hands, shirt, sleeves, and sword. He can also change the color of his hands, sleeve, and shirt. We also added the ability to get out of any menu by pressing the escape key. Lastly a handful of improvements were made to combat including the extension of melee weapon hit ranges. These new improvements and additions should make for a better gaming experience.


Sunday - February 07, 2016

Castle Torgeath - Steam Early Access

by Aubrielle, 00:53

An indie dungeon crawler called Castle Torgeath: Descent Into Darkness emerged on Steam Early Access late last month.  Featured on Chalgyr, Castle Torgeath combines real-time 1st person dungeon crawling with survival mechanics.


It was just another sunny afternoon when you come across a notice board looking for adventurers to help on a quest of exploration and discovery of old castle ruins. Offering a hefty lump sum and an extra cut of anything of worth found, you set off to join the expedition team. At the ripe character level of “1” equipped with nothing more than the clothes on your back, a torch, and a sword, you walk into the castle ruins. There’s a cave-in leaving you trapped in the dark. Torches only last for so long and the expedition team is nowhere in sight. What was that sound? You’re not alone down here and it looks like Castle Torgeath really is going to be a Descent into Darkness to find your way out.

Castle Torgeath is a throwback dungeon crawler that is designed to kill you, the player (I mean who else right?), in multiple and unfriendly ways. Being bitten, stabbed, impaled horizontally or vertically will all be real worries as the only thing that will truly keep you alive down here is your sense of direction and reaction speeds. With all of the external elements that can kill you though, it’s the internal one that matters the most. If your stamina depletes itself then you can quite literally and instantly die from hunger. This is no slow process but neither will it catch you unaware as your stomach makes more than enough noise to draw your attention to feeding yourself and possibly half the other beings down here. Down in this dungeon however food is limited and if you run around willy nilly then death will always be around the corner in more than one way.


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Castle Torgeath: Descent Into Darkness

Developer: Dungeoneering Studios

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Combat: Real-time
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· Released: 2016-12-15
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