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Chaos Chain

*Developer Note*

"Chaos Chain is a large project being created by a single developer. Some features may not be fully implemented or available during Early Access. Please refer to the Early Access Game Information section at the top of the store page description for further information."

About This Game

"Half a century into the future, mankind's world is riven and in a state of great social, political, and economic strain... After the end of the horrific pandemic that haunted the early twenties, big pharma became stronger than ever seen before. Medical research thrived and allowed for a multitude of tech advancements, but healthcare prices skyrocketed, causing mass inflation and shifting the world's economy... As a result, cryptocurrencies grew in popularity and eventually gained enough momentum to replace other monetary systems across the globe... Greed, hatred, envy, and panic then fueled the fires of war time after time, leaving the world scarred and broken. The U.N. has fallen and the war on terror has failed. Civilization is slowly collapsing in on itself... Now, most people cannot afford their basic needs. Society is fragmented and has dissolved back into a rigid caste division. Crime is at an all-time high and poverty is the new norm. Each day that passes, exploitation of the Earth's resources continues and pollution intensifies, making life even more unbearable... Humanity is in the darkest place of its entire existence... A dark place where you exist."

Buried in debt to a notorious loan shark, you're forced to plunge into the shadows of a dark underworld filled with danger and betrayal around every corner. You'll need to decide who you should trust, who to spite, and how to stay alive.


  • Deep character customization with an abundance of options for backgrounds, traits, flaws, skills, abilities, appearances, portraits, occupational perks, and talents
  • Bleak atmosphere with unique lore, grungy environments, dynamic weather with a day/night cycle, booming techno soundtracks, and lots of street slang
  • Open world gameplay with exploration, dynamic storytelling, and optional quests that allow unique playthroughs and freedom of choice
  • Wide assortment of equipment and weaponry including improvised melee weapons and armor, all manners of small arms ranging from pistols to sniper rifles, exotic weapons, heavy ordinance, military grade body armor, ammunition type variety, and plenty of high tech gadgets
  • Moral alignment spectrum and reputation system which means your choices matter and influence the game world around your character as the game progresses and allow for different possibilities
  • Story rich game world with a focus on attention to detail, diversified outcomes to different dialogues and situations, and a narrative that you help create
  • Cyberware upgrade system that allows you to further improve and customize your character and their capabilities
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Information about

Chaos Chain

Developer: Corrosive Studios

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Cyberpunk
Genre: RPG
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Unknown

Regions & platforms
· Homepage
· Platform: PC
· Expected: 2024-03-01
· Publisher: Corrosive Studios