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Cloud Exiles

Story Background

The story begins when you suddenly wake from a coma…

Just a few days ago, this vibrant city was bustling with life. You lived and worked here before an unexpected disaster hit -- a mist cloud appeared, engulfing and infecting the entire city.
Most people turned into zombies, while a fortunate few only lost consciousness.
As one of the lucky ones, you wake up to find yourself surrounded by danger.

Main Game Features

In Cloud Exiles, players try to survive at high altitudes after a sudden disaster.
Zombies might be vicious, but the mist is actually the deadliest enemy you will face in this world. It spreads everywhere and does not dissipate. Even if you avoid becoming a zombie, being trapped in the mist will render you permanently comatose. Finding a way to avoid the mist could be the only way for you to survive.


As an experienced survivor, you don’t need to worry about food at the beginning. After all, you are only one person. However, as more survivors are resscued and the tower becomes taller, food consumption rate increases and collection rate decreases. Out of hunger, some survivors will return down to the city to find food, never to return. You have to prevent this from happening.

Team Coordination

With hundreds of buildings and a growing number of survivors, you can’t rely on just your own excellent design and planning skills. Construction will slow and transportation routes might shut down at any time. Zombies could break through the barrier and rush into the camp.
You’ll need strong helpers to take on various responsibilities. Not everyone can do all types of work. For example, if you let the zombie fighting specialist, Miller, take charge of coordinating distribution of materials, the consequences could be catastrophic.


You are a survivor. At the beginning, if you want to survive, you can rely only on your own strength to familiarize yourself with the environment, collect resources, and avoid danger.
It’s rare to feel as relaxed as people are today. The mist isn’t climbing and has even dropped a little. Even the zombies stayed away last night, granting you a moment of peace. After experiencing the disastrous events of the past together, deep relationships have started to form between survivors. Some have become close friends, and others have become partners.


There’s always going to be noise coming from the camp. Even if zombies are far away, the continuous noise can attract their attention. At night, they will storm towards the camp in a frenzy. As the number of people and buildings in the camp increase, the noise from the camp grows and more zombies will try to get in.
To defend against the zombies, you need to build a wall around the camp. A fence built with dilapidated wooden planks can keep away a small number of zombies. A metal fence is stronger, and will be more difficult for zombies to knock down.



Box Art

Information about

Cloud Exiles

Developer: Hope of Dawn Studio

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Post-Apoc
Genre: Action-RPG
Combat: Real-time
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Unknown

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· Platform: PC
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· Publisher: Unknown