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Tuesday - August 31, 2021
Tuesday - August 03, 2021
Saturday - July 24, 2021
Tuesday - July 20, 2021
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Tuesday - August 31, 2021

Cris Tales - Review @ Destructoid

by Hiddenx, 09:40

Destructoid checked out Cris Tales:

Review: Cris Tales

Paradoxical Paradise

As fiction has long taught us, time manipulation is far more a curse than it is a blessing. Whether you’re the Time Traveller in H.G. Wells sci-fi classic, Dr. Sam Beckett in Quantum Leap, or the irrepressible Wyld Stallyns, you’ll be quickly hit with the realization that control over the past, present, and future unlocks the fate of hundreds, thousands, if not millions of people. For every action, a reaction, and for every sorry situation overturned, you’re just as likely to plant the seed of an even greater tragedy. Sometimes, it seems, these matters are best left to fate.

Take for example young Crisbell, protagonist of Modus Games’ clock-spinning RPG Cris Tales. Crisbell enjoys a hard-working, modest, but pleasant life in the small town of Narim, working alongside her sisters in the orphanage of the Great Lady while trying to remain unperturbed by the land’s larger problems of war, oppression, and class struggle. Crisbell doesn’t have the luxury of being resigned to fate, however, as she is destined for a life beyond her wildest imagination — a life that finds its way to her one morning in the form of dapper talking frog Matias and the awakening of incredible power.


Despite this, those with a deep love of fantasy adventure might — like myself — find themselves able to push beyond Cris Tales’ shortcomings to enjoy its core positives. Cris Tales is filled with passion, and pride. While its ambitious concepts are not entirely realized, the studios’  heart shines through in the game’s fun cast, infectious charisma, and undeniable style. If Cris Tales is only Dreams Uncorporated & SYCK’s first video game, then something very special must surely be in the studio’s future, and I can’t wait to see it materialize. More Crisbell and friends, please.

While Cris Tales offers a stirring adventure — packed full of wit and character — numerous mechanical shortcomings frequently put the brakes on its excitable spirit. A victim of unfulfilled ambition, Cris Tales doesn’t quite deliver on its clever premise or its chrono-combat. There’s no denying the passion and talent of the developers, however, manifested in stunning visuals and a wonderful cast. Cris Tales will definitely ostracize some players, but those with a little patience may see past its flaws to embrace its heartfelt homage to gaming’s bygone era.

Score: 7/10

Tuesday - August 03, 2021

Cris Tales - Review @ Gameskinny

by Hiddenx, 17:35

Gameskinny has reviewed the time-travel RPG Cris Tales:

Cris Tales Review — Time For A New Adventure

The incredible world-building found in Cris Tales is often overshadowed by lackluster combat, regardless of the unique time travel mechanics.

Calling itself an "indie love letter to classic JRPGs," Cris Tales comes onto the market during a time of modern innovation within the genre. But instead of embracing the modernity that some titles have, it instead returns to the ideologies of turn-based JRPG combat, slower-paced grinds, and heartfelt stories.


Cris Tales has a top-notch art style and an eclectic cast of characters that all players will come to love. Pairing that with time manipulation mechanics and a beloved genre, Cris Tales could have been one of the better games to come out of 2021.

Unfortunately, a lack of diverse enemy types, standard combat, and some questionable difficulty progression outweigh the highest highs, making Cris Tales feel too out of place alongside its cohorts.

Score: 7/10

Saturday - July 24, 2021

Cris Tales - Review @ RPGFan

by Hiddenx, 18:59

RPGFan reviewed past/present/future time-travel RPG Chris Tales:

Cris Tales Video Review



Cris Tales has captivated patient fans for a while now with its stunning design and interesting approach to combat and gameplay. Now that it's out, Zach took the time to explore this timeless world to see if it holds up. Check out the review to hear his thoughts!

Tuesday - July 20, 2021

Cris Tales - Released

by Hiddenx, 16:56

The J-RPG Cris Tales has been released today:

 Cris Tales

Experience Past, Present, and Future simultaneously in this gorgeous, indie love letter to classic JRPGs.
Cris Tales is a gorgeous, indie love letter to classic JRPGs with a new perspective. Peer into the past, act in the present, and watch as your choices dynamically change the future -- all on one screen as you play! Join the newly awakened Time Mage Crisbell and her fantastical companions on their journey across a dark, fairytale world facing a grim future.

Crisbell must embark across Crystallis and the four Kingdoms in a bid to stop the powerful Time Empress and rewrite the future of the world and all those living in it. Along the way, she’ll meet and recruit powerful allies with their own unique stories and skills like Matias the Frog and Willhelm the Child Mage.

As she explores the world and meets her unique companions, Crisbell will have to make choices with far-reaching consequences for the people she meets – consequences that will impact the world you’ll experience in real-time throughout your journey. Each companion will be invaluable as you face these choices and the myriad enemies who stand in your way. Will you buffet them with attacks, or discover creative ways to use Crisbell’s time powers to alter the reality of each fight?

Beautifully hand-drawn 2D art is animated frame by frame to bring the branching pasts and futures of each region, enemy, and NPC to life across more than 20 hours of gameplay. Experience a unique combination of branching stories, innovative combat, and classic RPG excitement in Cris Tales’ exciting and unforgettable exploration of how our actions echo through time.


Key Features

A Love Letter to Classic JRPGs – Inspired by timeless JRPGs like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, Valkyrie Profile, and modern classics like Bravely Default and Persona 5, meet and recruit a unique cast of teammates, challenge myriad enemies, and make your way through an expansive world.

Experience the Past, Present, and Future Simultaneously – Peer into and learn from the past, decide on actions in the present, and alter the course of the future in ways that will reshape the world dynamically depending on the choices you make.

Master Strategic Turn-Based Combat – Warp your enemies into the past or future, synchronize attacks for enhanced group abilities, and master the timing of attack and defense to go beyond your party’s limits in combat.

Uncover a Fascinating Story & Characters – The Empress’ plot to destroy the world is complex and layered. Use your wits and recruit powerful allies throughout the world to uncover and undo her multi-faceted web and make your way to the True Ending of this enchanting tale.

Discover a Beautiful World – Climb aboard an airship or boat and traverse this handcrafted, dark fairytale world. From the shining kingdom of Crystallis to the slums of Saint Clarity, discover each unique location and shape its future. 

Information about

Cris Tales

Developer: Dreams Uncorporated

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: J-RPG
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Unknown

Regions & platforms
· Homepage
· Platform: PC
· Released: 2021-07-20
· Publisher: Modus Games