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Friday - October 02, 2009

Dragonica - Torunaments in Expansion

by Myrthos, 22:00

Gala Networks Europe sent out the news that Dragonica will get guild battles

gPotato Europe will introduce fifty player Emporia Tournaments into Dragonica as part of the Tales of the Damned expansion this October

25 v 25 side-scrolling guild battles heading to European versions of Dragonica

Dublin, Ireland, 30th of September - Dragonica is the free arcade-style 3D side-scrolling MMORPG developed by Barunson Interactive and published by Gala Networks Europe. This October will see the introduction of the "Tales of the Damned" expansion for European versions of Dragonica, and we are proud to announce information on the eagerly anticipated Emporia Tournament system, available to players who download the game from

Players who are members of any of the active Guilds of Dragonica are in for a treat this October. The Emporia Tournament is a Guild v Guild battleground that gives opposing teams the ability to attack an Emporia, with the aim of taking out their opponents cores, scattered throughout the brand new Emporia maps. Up to fifty players will be able to participate in frantic side-scrolling team-based action.

The Emporia Tournament system will work to a timetable that will be announced on the official European Dragonica website at and will offer Guilds a regular series of events that they can spend their Guild experience to enter. Winning teams will get a variety of in-game prizes, as well as develop their Guild's prestige and be in with a chance of gaining large amounts of experience for their Guild. This experience will unlock new Guild skills that Guild members can use during their adventures throughout Dragotaka.

The Emporia Tournament is just one of many new features being introduced by the "Tales of the Damned" expansion to European versions of Dragonica. In addition to this new feature, controller support, pets, an increase in the level cap to 65, many brand new field maps, mission maps, dungeons, bosses and a revised mission scoring system will be introduced. As with all games, this and future updates are all available completely free of charge, and will be delivered by a patch (or for new players a new and updated client) during October.

Dragonica is available as a free-to-play game, meaning no subscriptions, ever! You can download the game client from and register for your free account to play the game. European users who are travelling outside of Europe, you are now able to play Dragonica with gPotato while abroad by clicking the "Register my IP" button on the Dragonica website before logging into the game.


Wednesday - September 30, 2009

Dragonica - Pets Added

by Myrthos, 22:10

Pets are the latest hottest thing in Dragonica as the announcement shows.

Pets make their way into the Tales of the Damned expansion for Dragonica this October

Three types of pets await players in the hit arcade-style 3D side-scrolling MMO

Dublin, Ireland, 24th of September - Dragonica is the free arcade-style 3D side-scrolling MMORPG developed by Barunson Interactive and published by Gala Networks Europe. This October will see the introduction of the "Tales of the Damned" expansion for European versions of Dragonica, and we are proud to publish information on the eagerly anticipated pets system.

Players with characters over level 20 can visit the pet merchant in Dragonica where they will be able to take a series of quests to earn their own pet. On completing these quests, players receive a pet egg containing a random pet, which can later be bound to the character and help them in the world of Dragonica. In total, three pets will be available to players: Husky the dog, Felix the cat and Griffon the bird.

Pets will be introduced in three phases to the world of Dragonica with "Tales of the Damned" being the first step. With this update, pets can be considered fashionable companions who add uniqueness to each player's avatar as well as various bonuses to characteristics. Upcoming expansions will bring the ability to include passive skills to the pets, make them fight against monsters or use them as mounts.

Pets are one of many new features being introduced by the "Tales of the Damned" expansion to European versions of Dragonica. In addition to this new feature, controller support, the new Emporia Tournament system for Guilds, an increase in the level cap to 65, many brand new field maps, mission maps, dungeons, bosses and a revised mission scoring system will be introduced. As with all games, this and future updates are all available completely free of charge, and will be delivered by a patch during October.

Dragonica is available as a free-to-play game, meaning no subscriptions, ever! You can download the game client from and register for your free account to play the game. European users who are travelling outside of Europe, you are now able to play Dragonica with gPotato while abroad by clicking the "Register my IP" button on the Dragonica website before logging into the game.



Wednesday - September 09, 2009

Dragonica - First Expansion Announced

by Myrthos, 21:34

The first expansion for Dragonica with the name Tales of the Damned.

gPotato Europe announces the first expansion for Dragonica: Tales of the Damned

Level 65 content, pets, new zones and more to come in Dragonica this October

Dublin, Ireland, 9th of September - Dragonica is the free arcade-style 3D side-scrolling MMORPG developed by Barunson Interactive and published by Gala Networks Europe. With hundreds of thousands of players having played Dragonica since its launch in June, we are happy to announce details of the forthcoming expansion "Tales of the Damned". This expansion will bring new content including dungeons, guild-wars, pets and much more. It will be available for free for all players on

While the Kundara update added new high level content to the game as well as a change to the first job change quest, "Tales of the Damned" is a major update to Dragonica. It adds controller support, will feature a wide selection of new content, brand new features including pets, a new Emporia tournament system for guilds, a revision to the mission rating  system and much more!

The eagerly awaited Pets system will allow players to select from a number of cute pets and go into battle benefiting from various bonuses from them. An increased level cap of 65 awaits high-level players as they can now explore a range of brand Mission Maps, Field Maps and Dungeons.

Guilds will also be happy to hear that a brand new tournament system for Emporia Wars will be introduced, allowing dozens of players to compete regularly in these massive side-scrolling brawls. "Tales of the Damned" will also add a variety of new weapons, items and much more which will be detailed in upcoming communications.

Dragonica is available as a free-to-play game, meaning no subscriptions, ever! You can download the game client from and register for your free account to play the game. European users who are travelling outside of Europe, you are now able to play Dragonica with gPotato while abroad by clicking the "Register my IP" button on the Dragonica website before logging into the game.

Saturday - September 05, 2009

Dragonica - Review @ MMORPG

by Myrthos, 00:00

A review of the 3D side scrolling MMO Dragonica, with a score of 7.5 can be found at MMORPG.

It's cute, it's cuddly, it has sharp teeth. Dragonica is surprisingly fun if you enjoy fast paced side-scrollers and if you enjoy humor in your games. It's hard to identify with your avatar when your avatar has a body like an egg and you won't find immersion in Dragonica when you are blasting mobs with cannons and stinger missiles. The combat is fast paced with little down time. Mob respawn is fast and players can be easily overwhelmed if they are not careful, so there is challenge involved, especially with positioning since attacks are directional. It is very easy to learn and pick up and with it's appealing graphics, I can easily see kids taking to the game.

One bit of praise I must toss out. Bravo THQ:Ice for the excellent localization effort. The grammar is good, the language flows, the many spelling errors that we've come to expect in Asian games localized for the American market are not evident and there definitely isn't any "Engrish as she is spoke" to be found in Dragonica Online.

Thursday - August 27, 2009

Dragonica - Content Updates

by Myrthos, 22:35

A new content update for Dragonic is now available with an additional update becoming available in the near future.

gPotato Europe announces the Kundara Dungeon, Van Cliff Fortress and many more content updates to come in Dragonica

Aztec-inspired Dungeon Kundara, followed by the vampire fortress of Van Cliff, signal major content updates for the free-to-play action MMORPG

Dublin, Ireland, 27th of August - Dragonica is the free arcade-style 3D side-scrolling MMORPG developed by Barunson Interactive and published by Gala Networks Europe Ltd. across Europe. Following a very successful launch in June, the game has recently been updated with the new high-level Kundara dungeon, and will soon open the doors of the terrifying Van Cliff Fortress along with several other major improvements.

Kicking off a series of highly anticipated content updates for Dragonica, the Kundara dungeon is a new high level dungeon inspired by South-American mythology. This new dungeon is already available on Dragonica Europe and will be followed in a few weeks by the Van Cliff Manor, a dark dungeon aimed at experienced adventurers. In it, players will have to battle against the undead armies in a maze of stone walls paved with traps, and survive the ferocious attacks of several bosses including Dracula, the Werewolf, the Gate Keeper Gargoyle, and finally the huge and terrifying Bone Dragon.

In addition to these two dungeons, the upcoming update will also feature a series of new regular and hero quests, which will delve into the background behind Dr. Farrel's corruption by the witch Paris.  Other features include UI improvement, personal character cards for the players to show off, new weapons and items, as well as a revision of the mission map results. All these new features will be added for free through a simple update of the game in early Autumn 2009.

For more information on Dragonica, please visit the official website at  For European users who are travelling outside of Europe, you are now able to play Dragonica with gPotato while abroad by clicking the "Register my IP" button before logging into the game.

Sunday - August 02, 2009

Dragonica - Interview @ TenTonHammer

by Myrthos, 22:33

Ten Ton Hammer interviewed Evan Berman from THQ*ICE about Dragonica during their visit at Comic Con 2009.

Ten Ton Hammer: What kind of customization options do you have available?

Evan: The character options are a little limited to begin with, but the in-game costume options are pretty much endless. Basically, you can have the equipment that your character is wearing be visible, or you can wear something on top of that armor/robes. Those are typically our cash shop items: we've got a track suit, a ninja outfit, a maid wardrobe, and headpieces that look like sushi rolls. Very, very outlandish stuff, and the best part is you still get the benefit of whatever gear you're wearing underneath all of that.

The weapons can be just as over-the-top. For example, Warriors might choose to fight with a hockey stick or with a "brightsaber" or things like that. Archers might have a "Cupid's Bow" and Magicians might have staves that look like odd items.

Monday - July 20, 2009

Dragonica - Interview @ Gamebunny

by Myrthos, 22:30

Gamebunny talked with Ben Serviss responsible for the localization of Dragonica Online in the US.

gamebunny: Free-to-play games (with micro-transactions) finally seem to be catching on in North America. What kind of items can players purchase at the in-game Item Shop?

Ben Serviss: Players will be able to buy exclusive outfits and accessories, as well as functional items that they can use in-game. However, we wanted to be up-front about how our cash shop will work – you won’t be able to buy weapons or items that give you direct advantages over other players in the game, and at no point will players ever be required to buy anything throughout play. The main philosophy was to offer extra fun things for players to do that don’t affect gameplay – custom outfits, cosmetic items – and functional items that let you interact with other parts of the game that are still available to free players.



Dragonica - Wepons and Armor Dev Bog

by Myrthos, 22:15

The devs of Dragonica Online give an overview of weapons and armor in their game.

Archers and Magicians are masters of long-range weaponry but employ very different combat styles. Archers can use either a Bow or Crossbow while Magicians must choose between wielding a Staff or Spear. Archers utilize Bows to fire arrows at lightning speeds or Crossbows to spit bolts at multiple enemies. Spears and Staves are the weapons of choice for Magicians who often prefer to cast magic spells from a distance to dispatch unsuspecting monsters. The perfect Spear or Staff can increase a Magician's magical powers to devastating levels.

Warriors showcase their close-range melee skills with One-Handed or Two-Handed Swords while Thieves can select from Claws and Arm Blades. All Warriors have a close bond with their sword but some prefer the nimble agility offered when using one-handed swords while others wield two-handed swords to deal maximum damage. Thieves are the combat specialist of Dragonica, using an array of Claws and Arm Blades in their rapid, close-quarter attacks.

Thursday - June 11, 2009

Dragonica - Public Release

by Myrthos, 12:24

Yesterday swa the public relase of Dragonica the 3D side scrolling MMORPG. I've played it in beta and it is a 'cute' game with a heavy emphasis on combat that has somewhat of a humoristic approach to the genre. Here is the press release:

Dragonica goes on public release as Open Beta launches

Dublin, Ireland 10th June 2009 - Gala Networks Europe, operator of the free-to-play MMORPG portal is proud to announce the public release of Dragonica as it enters Open Beta across Europe today. Developed by Barunson Interactive, Dragonica is a free arcade style 3D side-scrolling MMORPG for PC, and is available to download play for free with a account in English, French and German.

After a successful Closed Beta Test during May and positive coverage in the games media, players across Europe will be able to experience Dragonica's vibrant world of Dragotaka playing as one of four character classes in their mission to defeat the evil Dragon Lord Elga and return peace to the land. With a level cap rised to level 60, and two job changes, players will be able to experience up to twenty distinct character classes which evolve from the four base character classes on their desktop, notebook and netbook computers.

From today European players can download and play Dragonica for free, for life, experiencing classic combo-based combat, ten player PvP multiplayer modes, a wide variety of Guild, Trade and Community features and participate in fifty player battlegrounds in the game's 25v25 Guild Emporia Wars.

Dragonica features fully localised text, audio and cinematic videos, combined with a community of thousands of players from every corner of Europe. The gPotato Europe team will also be running a variety of in-game events to welcome and entertain players.

To play Dragonica, simply sign up for a free account at the official European website at and download the game client from there. Players who already have the Closed Beta client on their machines will automatically receive a patch to their version.

Friday - June 05, 2009

Dragonica - Story of the Thief Video

by Myrthos, 12:56

A video explayning the story behind the thief class has just been released for Dragonica.

Wednesday - June 03, 2009

Dragonica - Video of the Story of the Warrior and Magician

by Myrthos, 22:33

A video has been released showing the story of the Warrior and the Magician. This video explains the reasons behind why the Warrior and Magician chose to set off on the Dragon Expedition in Dragotaka.


Tuesday - May 19, 2009

Dragonica - Open Beta Test Starting Today

by Myrthos, 15:12

A four day open beta test for Dragonica starts today and lasts until friday.

Dublin, 19/05/2009 - The free arcade style 3D side-scrolling MMORPG Dragonica has been online for Europe during its Closed Beta for less than a week at the gaming portal, with the official release planned for June 2009. In order to perform server tests and allow all users to take part in the CBT Community Events, the gPotato Team have decided to open the servers to all users for a 4 days Stress Test beginning today 19th of May.

For the first time in western countries, the highly anticipated action MMORPG Dragonica has been made available to a selected amount of players for the European Beta Test on the 13th of May. Since then, many events, such as Combo Challenge or Screenshot Contest, have been lead by the gPotato Community Team, and many more are planned for the coming days.

All users will be able to participate in the upcoming events, as the gPotato Team opens Dragonica to the public for a 4 days Stress Test leading to the end of the beta test on Friday the 22nd. During these four days, users will be able to discover the colorful world of Dragotaka and the
action-paced gameplay of Dragonica. All beta users who reach level 20 before the end of the tests will be able to reserve their character name and receive rewards at the official launch of the game next month.

In order to have access to the Dragonica Stress Test, just create a free account on the gaming portal, download the game from the official Dragonica website, and play!

Wednesday - May 13, 2009

Dragonica - Closed Beta Testing Starts Today

by Myrthos, 17:34

The closed beta test of Dragonica starts today. Here is the official PR talk about it:

A new world is born as Dragonica enters Closed Beta Testing across Europe

Dublin, Ireland 13th May 2009 - The wait is over for thousands of beta key
holders as Dragonica, the free arcade-style 3D sidescrolling MMORPG enters
Closed Beta Testing across Europe today. The gPotato team has prepared a
packed schedule of in-game events to give players the opportunity to win
some fantastic in-game prizes. With servers now open, beta key holders can
log in and experience the vibrant world of Dragotaka!

The Closed Beta is online for ten days between Wednesday 13th May and Friday
22nd May. Players will be able to hone their skills with the game's frantic
combo-based combat as they fight to free the world from the Dark Lord Elga's
minions. Once they have reached level ten, they can access the intense
multiplayer mode as Dragonica's frantic ten player PvP mode becomes
available, giving players the opportunity to earn a rare set of combat
armour and show off their fighting skills against the best Dragonica players
in Europe.

Players who reach level 20 are guaranteed to keep their character names,
while participants in the packed schedule of CBT events will have the chance
to win some fantastic prizes to help them on their way in June's Open Beta.
Check the website daily for the full schedule
and information on how to participate.

With low entry specs, gamers on desktop, notebook and netbook computers can
enjoy the best in online gaming, all completely free with their free account. Competitions are running online for the last remaining
beta keys, and players who do not get into the Closed Beta can sign up for
when Dragonica opens to the general public in June.

Wednesday - May 06, 2009

Dragonica - Closed Beta Period Announces

by Myrthos, 22:03

The dates for the closed beta of Dragonica have just been announced.

European Dragonica Closed Beta Test dates announced: May 13th - May 22nd

Dublin, Ireland - gPotato Europe is proud to announce that Dragonica, the new free arcade-style 3D side-scrolling MMORPG, is to enter closed beta testing on the 13th of May. From the 13th to the 22nd of May, all users in possession of a beta-key or chosen by lottery from those already pre-registered at the official website will be able to download and play the game for free from the game portal.

European gamers will soon be able to play in this brand new online world, where 3D side-scrolling combo-based combat sits alongside cutting edge massively multiplayer online gameplay, free of charge and without subscriptions. Dragonica simply requires a broadband connection, and works across a wide variety of notebook, desktop and netbook computers.

Dragonica uses only the keyboard for precise combos and accessible combat. As you train your character from one of the starting classes to stronger versions, you will gain access to more powerful weapons and train up a wide variety of hilarious skills to develop your own fighting style. It also includes a fast-paced arcade-style ten player multiplayer mode, party support for up to four players, a couple system granting additional powers to pairs of players, and all the guild, trade, communication and quest fun that players expect from a top MMORPG.

As soon as servers open, the Dragonica team has a packed schedule of events planned for the ten day Closed Beta. There are plenty of great prizes up for grabs, so if you want to start off the June's Open Beta in style, entering the CBT events is the best way to earn some unique items to make you stand out. The team will be "meeting and greeting" players at the start to welcome and help them into the game. After the festivities die down, we're getting straight into the action with combo competitions, challenges to beat the games bosses, PvP tournaments and lots more. Keep an eye on the Dragonica website for full details.

The Dragonica Closed beta commences on Wednesday 13th of May, and runs for ten days until Friday 22nd May. It will then be available to everybody with a free account in June, for free, for life. Want to know more? Visit the official European Dragonica website at for your last chance to enter the Closed Beta lottery!


Monday - April 20, 2009

Dragonica - Closed beta in May

by Myrthos, 16:56

The announcement for the closed beta of Dragonica had this to say:

The free arcade MMORPG Dragonica roars into life with the European Closed Beta Test starting in mid-May

Dragonica is the brand new arcade-style 3D side-scrolling MMORPG that is roaring into life across Europe during the Closed Beta Test (CBT) during mid-May 2009. It will be published in Europe as a free to play MMORPG in English, French and German at the gaming portal.

With tens of thousands of players already pre-registered and growing by the day, there is growing anticipation for Dragonica's combo-based combat that is ready to take netbooks, notebooks and desktops across Europe by storm. In play tests conducted in Ireland during March and April, players have applauded the precise combat which is a vast change from clicky mouse-based combat which dominates MMORPG's. Dragonica has also lots of potential for competitive gaming with a strong competitive component in the multiplayer modes.

During the ten day Closed Beta test, the Dragonica team will be on hand to welcome players into the world and run a whole schedule of in-game events to keep players entertained. There will be lots of in-game prizes up for grabs, and the players will have the opportunity to ensure that their character names are kept for the Open Beta, following a few weeks after the Closed Beta in June.

Registration for the Closed Beta lottery, as well as information about partner sites running beta key competitions can be found at the official European Dragonica website at


Friday - April 17, 2009

Dragonica - Six New Screens and a Contest

by Myrthos, 12:53

You can find six new screens of the sideways scrolling MMO Dragonica in our gallery.

In addition there is a contest running where you can win a beta key for Dragonica. As part of the contest you will have to identify five paintings:

Dragonica is packed with tongue-in-cheek humour and plenty of references to pop culture and gaming culture. The evil Dr. Farrell is an art fan, and has packed his mansion with paintings paying homage to some of the most famous artists on the planet. But being Dragonica, these are a little different than those hanging in the Louvre.

The gPotato team are giving art fans a fantastic opportunity to get their hands on beta keys for the Dragonica Closed Beta test. Simply visit the Dragonica website, check out the Dragonica artists news story and correctly identify both the artist and the name of the five paintings at . Email in your answers to the contest email address and the first twenty people to correctly identify all five paintings will win a beta key.

Saturday - March 21, 2009

Dragonica - Taking Pre-registrations & Trailer

by Myrthos, 01:12

On the Dragonica website it is now possible to pre-register for the game. Pre-registered users have a chance to participate in the closed beta of which the dates will be announced shortly.

You can also have a look at their cinematic trailer right here.

Thursday - March 05, 2009

Dragonica - Fighter and Mage Information

by Myrthos, 08:16

Gala Networks dropped some information in our mailbox about the fighter and mage classes in the arcade-style 3D side-scrolling MMORPG Dragonica.

The warrior is agile and fearless, and can quickly slash in a variety of directions as he circles around his opponents. Warriors can knock over multiple opponents, slash upwards sending them skyward, jump up and  combo them in the air before smashing them into the ground. When a warrior needs a bit of space, they can throw their sword to stop an enemy advance, or catch multiple enemies in a whirlwind of sword hits. Is your enemy down but not out? Pull out one of three giant hammers to finish them off. As Warriors progress, they can develop into a Gladiator or a Knight.

Gladiators throw away their shield and focus on large, two-handed swords. Smash your sword against the ground and enemies tumble as the ground is shaken underneath, put on a bears head to boost your strength or focus on improving your sword mastery. A yellow kung fu fighter can help deal with pesky enemies in a variety of ways. Knights use a one handed sword but have the benefit of a shield. They can unleash a brand new range of attacks including aerial smackdowns, hammer hits in the air and dropping 1000 ton weights to squash their enemies. Pulling out a broomstick, they can quickly take out the toughest of enemies. Both can also use a variety of skills to temporary boost their damage and defensive skills.

The Magician is a ranged fighter who can handle themselves in a close combat fight. A Magician can summon a meteor to deal massive damage to multiple enemies, or launch a devastating ground explosion throwing opponents into the air. They can flip fallen foes into the air before frying them in a bolt of lightning. For larger enemies, they can pull out a cannon and fire a huge projectile into a group of opponents. Magicians are also healers, able to heal their party and their own health while in combat, making them an essential part of any team. As Magicians progress, they can choose to be a Monk or a Battlemage.

Monks have continued developing their skills as healers. They can summon a nurse to heal your party or themselves and resurrect fallen comrades. They have a host of new tricks up their sleeves with flaming orbs protecting them, a spell to turn multiple opponents into frogs, and a defensive shield that party members can recover in. Battlemages really like dealing damage, so they are a welcome addition to any party in Dragonica. They can summon a fireball to slowly move through a crowd of enemies unleashing damage, call a tornado to suck them off their feet, and unleash a blizzard on them. They can also release a poisonous cloud or rain destruction on their foes with ten missiles.

Monday - February 23, 2009

Dragonica - Archer and Thief Information

by Myrthos, 17:04

For the upcoming launch of Dragonica, a free arcade-style 3D side-scrolling MMORPG, the publishers have presented some extra information on the archer and thief classes.

As an Archer, you can tailor your appearance during you journey through Dragotaka with a variety of bows, armour, hats, jewellery and magical items. With your trusty bow in your hands, you can also expect to have access to nine special moves by the time you reach level ten.

Archers are nimble and powerful ranged fighters. They can unleash a torrent of arrows to knock multiple enemies off their feet, and then somersault kick them on the ground to send them skyward. Their quick reactions allow them to juggle opponents in the air with multiple arrows, before unleashing a powerful shot to hit them while they lie on the ground. When surrounded or in a tight corner, Archers can moonwalk their way out of harm's way and still deal damage to their opponents.

As you progress to a Hunter or Arbalist, a wide variety of new skills open up. These include a wide range of new archery skills and give you powerful new shots which can pierce the armour of multiple enemies. Gain the ability
to capture your enemies in nets, call rockets from the sky or launch grenades to devastate large groups. Send a flurry of lead into your enemies with the Gatling gun or a mini-tank and summon an ice wolf to freeze your foes. You can also develop a range of skills which will give you a temporary boost to your main attacking and defensive attributes.

As a Thief, you can tailor your appearance with a variety of claws, armour, bandanas, jewellery and magical items. With your trusty claws on your hands, you can expect to have access to ten special moves by the time you reach level ten.

The Thief is agile and powerful, allowing them to dip in and out of combat. They can launch a flurry of attacks with double hits, hold enemies in mid air as they spin with their claws extended, before smashing them into the ground with a powerful crash. From a distance, they can launch a fireball to knock down multiple enemies, or launch a giant boxing glove to clear a route through. Pulling out an exhaust pipe, they can poison multiple enemies to slow them down and deal damage, while slipping on a joker's hat allows them to increase their health or speed, as well as giving a boost to any party members nearby.

When you progress to a Jester or the Assassin, brand new skills open up. Increase your evasive abilities by going invisible, burrowing or hiding into a noodle box to evade your enemies and stay out of harm's way. Summon a fiery wolf and send multiple opponents flaming into the air, or electrocute your enemies to the bone. Dip your claws into poison for additional damage, slip into your ninja suit and develop a wide range of powerful new skills to let you unleash a flurry of powerful attacks on groups of enemies.

Information about


Developer: Barunson Interactive

SP/MP: Massive
Setting: Fantasy
Combat: Unknown
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Unknown

Regions & platforms
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· Platform: PC
· Released: 2009-06-10
· Publisher: gPotato Europe