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Dustgrave: A Sandbox RPG

The once mighty Dahlan Empire has shattered, ravaged by a mysterious plague and internal turmoil. While surviving powers and neighboring nations try to claim as much land as possible, adventurers and mercenaries venture inside this troubled land full of opportunities.

You can be one of them. Create your own character and embark on an epic journey, enjoying complete freedom in a true sandbox RPG experience. The world and its inhabitants will witness your deeds and react accordingly, thanks to an advanced Record & Relationship system tracking every event in the world. All characters will interpret what's happening based on their morality and current allegiances.

The game's narrative will adapt to your unique path, allowing you to experience a unique adventure in the world of Dustgrave. And please, do not venture inside the ancient ruins without careful preparation unless you want to meet a painful demise.


  • An advanced character editor allows you to customize your digital alter-ego freely.
  • Everything meaningful happening in the world is recorded. NPCs will judge your good and bad deeds based on their personality or faction. You may be a killer, despised by common folk, but killing heretics could kickstart your career in the clergy!
  • The world is in constant evolution. Factions will constantly fight against each other, pillaging and conquering settlements. Some may acquire more power and become major players in the area. Others may be destroyed forever.
  • All NPCs have unique personalities and desires, and their daily life is thoroughly simulated. Use this to your advantage to get interesting quests and juicy rewards. Or simply wait for them to go to work, break inside their house, and steal everything.
  • Express yourself without limits. Whether you prefer serving the Astralite clergy to fight against the heretics or spending every evening pillaging temples and burning sacred icons, you will be free to do as you want! Freedom is not limited to religious matters, but many different paths are available to you! Criminal mastermind, righteous hero, ruthless mercenary, wise archeologist, or even mail deliverer. We want you to be completely free in your journey!
  • Smash your enemies with an advanced yet accessible turn-based combat system! We worked on a unique combat system allowing you to experiment with Skills and Items combinations so that you will get new gameplay possibilities when acquiring new gear. Feel free to find overpowered combos and destroy everyone stupid enough to fight you!
  • Use an advanced stealth system to do anything you want! Stealing? Check! Assassinating? Check! Breaking and entering? Check! Smashing a window to get inside Marco's house and steal his secret diary only to discover that he is a spy from an enemy settlement, triggering a unique quest that will allow you to deal with him? Quite specific, but still, check!
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Dustgrave: A Sandbox RPG

Developer: Innervoid Interactive

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Strategy-RPG
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Unknown

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· Platform: PC
· Expected: 2024-06-01
· Publisher: Digital Tribe Games