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Sunday - May 17, 2015
Box Art

Sunday - May 17, 2015

Eador: Genesis - New Horizons Mod released

by Hiddenx, 17:43

Watcher bavarian kid informed us about the new major english mod release New Horizons v.150427 ENG for Eador: Genesis - thank you!

In the release-thread you can read the impressive change-log and find some download links, too.

Here's a brief overview of all the features and improvements that have been created and implemented since its very first steps over 2 years ago:

  1. Unit promotions (all castle units, except for the T4 units have a chance to be upgraded to stronger and better ones, all the promotions are within one tier only)
  2. Tactical improvements, since there are a lot of new abilities, spells and units the AI will surprise you with new combinations of challenging enemies.
  3. All mercenaries are now T1.5 units (T1 promotions), so you have a choice to either buy a powerful and costly unit or an army of weaker ones.
  4. Balance changes to hero skills and hero class.
  5. 150+ new units (including castle units, all kinds of monsters and powerful bosses)
  6.  200+ new spells (including all kinds of blessings and curses, damaging spells, AoE spells and even instant kill spells if you are lucky enough to find them)
  7. 250+ new items (including weapons, armor, jewellery and artefacts to summon powerful monsters and contracts to hire new units)
  8. 20+ new item sets (giving all kinds of cool bonuses if you are able to obtain them )
  9. Various new races plus expanded and improved existing ones (no more Goblins and Orcs together, all of them have their own melee, spellcasting and ranged units)
  10. Various new buildings (including epic tier shops and a casino) and new rituals.
  11. Several hundred new encounters and events
  12. Hundreds of new images, graphics, sounds and visual improvements, including the models for all the hero subclasses.
  13. New music pack from the composer of the original Eador.
  14. Nearly a hundred new neutral armies, suited for different playing styles.
  15. Nearly every alliance quest reworked for consistency.
  16. Countless new combat abilities for units old and new.
  17. Numerous improvements to game balance.
  18. Huge amount of improvements to game lore and universe logic.
  19. Campaign balance and flow much improved.


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Eador: Genesis

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Genre: Strategy-RPG
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: Over 60 hours
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