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Gilded is a J-style RPG inspired by the classic turn-based RPGs of the NES and SNES era. Gilded takes on a retro look and feel, but delivers a cynical take on the concepts of being a hero and the capacity for choice in the RPG genre. A variety of puzzles and combat require careful planning and tactical insight as Gilded unfolds, entertaining the player with an engaging cast of characters, a world of hidden lore and secrets, and humorous dialogue to lighten the mood.


  • Programming and original artwork providing the retro charm of classic JRPG games
  • Over 20 hours of gameplay with challenging puzzles
  • Engaging story supported by a well-developed world where the lore and history emerge as the player advances through the game
  • Choice of three different player modes that adjust the difficulty of turn-based combat without altering enemy or player stats
  • 13 party members with distinct personalities and abilities that go beyond their expected archetypes
  • Well-rounded characterization and entertaining dialogue flavored with humorous sarcasm
  • More than 20 dungeons designed to challenge the player’s problem-solving skills
  • Over 100 unique enemies emerging during turn-based combat, including a variety of bosses requiring careful strategic planning and tactical deployment of assets
  • Multiple endings that reflect the player’s personal philosophy at a pivotal moment
  • An extensive postgame for players seeking to delve deeper and find new challenges after the journey’s conclusion

The Story

In an isolated land, there is a legend that one who undergoes a series of perilous trials can meet the fabled Djinn and have their wish granted. When a mysterious illness known only as the Epidemic causes his sister to become bedridden, a young man named Gregor enlists the aid of his friend Jack to go on a journey and wish for the cure. As they recruit more allies to the cause, their skills in exploration and combat are not all that will be tested; for the altruistic Gregor must face unexpected ethical dilemmas that will put his character and devotion to his sister to the test. Meanwhile, Jack is haunted by the words of a malevolent narrator that assures him his choices will mean nothing, and that he is doomed to fail...

As Gregor and Jack travel through the open world, they interact with a variety of characters and are joined by party members. The characters go beyond the typical archetypes, and all have well developed personalities and backstories. There is a lot of diversity among the members of the troupe, and each member brings unique elements, both in terms of abilities and personalities. The dialogue is intentionally humorous, often sarcastic, sometimes laugh out loud, and occasionally dark. Together, the party members explore the world and its underworld, engaging an array of enemies. The lore of Gilded's world seeps through as the story unfolds. Little by little, the player discovers the hows and the whys that are the pillars supporting the story.

The Game

Every aspect of Gilded's visual features was chosen and designed to bring back the look, feel, and charm of the vintage classic JRPGs of the NES and SNES era. The pixel art, the portrayal of the turn based combat, even the game programming platform were all chosen to authenticate that retro look. During the exploration of the world, the player is faced with several challenging puzzles, and the attentive player is rewarded with the discovery of lore and essential items. The player will also be challenged, in a different sense, with two questions brought up as the journey unfolds – How much choice do we really have, and are the choices we make, our actions, are they really the right thing, or are we just convincing ourselves that it’s the right thing?

In keeping with the retro style, combat is turn-based. There are three different player modes that offer different levels of difficulty during turn-based combat.

  • CASUAL mode allows less skilled players to experience the narrative and work through the puzzles within the game, providing the player with an item that will allow them to instantly win any battle, as well as allow easy access to other equipment that will make fights easier.
  • NORMAL mode provides for the usual level of difficulty during turn-based combat, making the advantageous gear found in Casual more difficult to come by. Items that allow instant victories are single-use only and extremely rare, requiring the player to use tactical insight to overcome their enemies.
  • HARDCORE mode provides gamers with tougher bosses and no easy way out, eliminating the handouts of Casual and Normal mode and replacing them with equipment that will make the game even harder. This is on top of the new abilities wielded by bosses, making their attack patterns less predictable, and two new battles exclusive to this mode that will put your skills to the ultimate test! In Hardcore mode, the player needs to carefully plan the strategic deployment of assets in order to survive.

By choosing the mode that best suits their interests, any player - from the casual gamer wanting to experience the story without hindrance, to the thrill-seeker desiring a true challenge - can enjoy the journey of Gilded.

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Developer: Dark Cellar Studios

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: J-RPG
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: 20-40 hours
Voice-acting: Unknown

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· Platform: PC
· Released: 2018-01-18
· Publisher: Dark Cellar Studios