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Lundonstoch, once a productive feud bursting with industrial technology, is on lockdown due to the imminent Nuclear Threat announced by the terrorist union CoFoPo. You're a citizen that has found himself trapped in a cramped Apartment Complex with those you would consider friends. As time goes on, tensions rise, resources dwindle, and trust begins to falter, leaving the hope of survival in your hands. Do not understimate the spectrum of causality; in Glasshouse's world, there are only consequences and responsibilities.
This is the end of the Post-Capitalist world, welcome to the Quiet Revolution.

Condo Thriller

You find yourself catapulted into a political mystery bigger than yourself, a crime scene from which you cannot escape.
Master your oratory skills in challenging relationships while exploring the building in which you're locked in. Sacrifice your belongings and craft whatever it takes to be prepared for the incoming Nuclear Winter.


  • An original reinterpretation of the cRPG genre with novel Survival grafts.
  • Experience firsthand a thriller story full of twists and turns, memorable characters, and unexpected endings based on your choices.
  • Exploration: Manage Apartment 28, collaborate with your neighbors, and investigate the mysteries of the narrow corridors of a Proletariat Condominium!
  • Table of Knowledge: Learn DIY Projects, recycle your furniture, and build survival equipment through the workbenches you will find scattered around!
  • Cunning System: Each tool in your inventory can unlock new interactions with the environment.
  • Political Compass: There is no shame in having ideals. Choose the political path on which to invest points and watch how the Glasshouse world reacts!
  • Puzzles & Minigames: The dialogue tab hides much more than just text, be prepared for unexpected twists such as puzzles and riddles.
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Developer: FLAT28

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Modern
Genre: RPG
Combat: Unknown
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Unknown

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· Platform: PC
· Expected: 2024-06-15
· Publisher: FLAT28