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Sunday - April 03, 2022
Box Art

Sunday - April 03, 2022

Grim Quest - Old School RPG - Released

by Hiddenx, 06:23

Grim Quest - Old School RPG has been released:

Grim Quest - Old School RPG

Grim Quest tries to blend tabletop RPG adventure vibes, familiar dungeon crawling and roguelike mechanics, and a classic turn-based combat system into something fresh and, hopefully, entertaining. Instead of flashy graphics, it relies on written storytelling and worldbuilding which, together with carefuly picked music and visuals, serve to build up the atmosphere of mystery and immerse you in its surreal and mind-bending dark fantasy world.

"When the Dark closes in, your own mind is your worst enemy..."

Welcome to Ashborne, an ancient city poised on the brink of terror and madness, besieged from within, as well as without. Take control of one of the Ashborne's countless hired mercenaries, and shape the city's destiny alongside your own. Uncover the secrets of the mysterious Dark, as you explore the ravaged ruins of a fallen civilization, and, at the same time, plumb the hidden depths of your own mind and face your inner demons. What will you find amidst all that horror and desolation? Do you even know what it is that you're looking for?

"All too familiar human failings eat at the core of Ashborne from within, just as the hordes of unfathomable horrors, shaped by subconscious thoughts of its own citizens, besiege it from without."

*** FEATURES ***

  • immerse in a dark fantasy world with its own history and lore
  • defeat enemies and fight boss battles in a classic turn-based combat system
  • manage your character's sanity or suffer unexpected consequences
  • customize your character in a classless system with more than 50 skills and spells
  • select one of 27 character backgrounds that each affect gameplay in a different way
  • experience the game world through a variety of interactive, text-based events
  • acquire weapons, armors, acessories, consumable items and crafting ingredients
  • complete quests, collect bounties and find many pieces of scattered lore
  • manage defences of a besieged city, endure raids and other calamities
  • relax or add suspense with 4 difficulty levels, optional permadeath and other adjustable settings

Information about

Grim Quest - Old School RPG

Developer: Monomyth

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: RPG
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Unknown

Regions & platforms
· Homepage
· Platform: PC
· Released: 2022-04-01
· Publisher: Monomyth