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Guild Saga: Vanished Worlds

Enter the Realm of Aarde:
Where an enraged deity threatens his wrath upon humanity in search of vengeance; tensions begin to boil as the kingdoms of man, elf, and beast teeter on the cusp of war; all while a mysterious cabal attempts to resurrect an ancient evil that once tore the world asunder. Though you are but a mere fledgling on your first mission in the name of the Heroes Guild, you will inevitably find yourself entwined in some of these catastrophes...

Classic Turn-based Combat
Guild Saga: Vanished Worlds features a tactical turn-based battle system reminiscent of many old-school RPG classics. Assemble your party and hone your strategy in order to vanquish your enemies.

Endless Customization
Customize your player character and companions to create the perfect party:

  • Choose from over a hundred skills spread across ten different schools to learn
  • Increase attributes to grow stronger, unlock dialogue options, or gain exploration boosts
  • Sift through thousands of items—each with their own flavour texts—to find the perfect fit

Assemble the Perfect Party
Build your dream party by recruiting heroes, wizards, misfits, and even animal companions scattered throughout the continents of Aarde.

Fully Customizable Companions
Companions have inventories, equipment, and skills separate from yours, allowing you to build them in any way you see fit. Companions may also bring along character-exclusive skills that may allow for alternate, uncanny styles of play.

More Than Friends
Your companions are more than just allies in battle! Each companion is recruited differently and comes with their own unique backstory, side quests, as well as hours of meaningful dialogue. They might even impact the game's story in a major way depending on the choices you make!

Become a Master of Professions
Mine, fish, cook. Craft, enchant, brew. Or, pick at someone's pocket or locked chest. These are just a fraction of the professions one might acquire while exploring the lands of Aarde.

Gather Resources
Many professions such as fishing, woodcutting, and herbalism allow you to gather materials outside of battle. You could sell your finds to a merchant for silver, or keep them around to craft or use later.

Craft & Enchant Items
Put your accumulated materials to use in various crafting or enchantment-related professions. Give your party a boost in battle with stat-enhancing dishes from Cooking, add elemental buffs to your weapon using Alchemy, forge new equipment with Crafting, and more.

Artisan's Edge
Many of the game's best items—such as Dragonscale or Dragonhide gear—require mastery in one or more professions to process into usable pieces. Plus, certain NPCs will only speak to you once you've levelled certain professions!

Immersive Story Campaign
Experience a thoughtfully-crafted main narrative, alongside countless meaningful character stories through NPCs, side quests, and lore found in items and the environment.

Your Decisions Matter
The choices you make can impact the world around you. Curry favor with certain characters to be rewarded with items or access to their homes; or incur their wrath by brazenly picking their pockets in broad daylight.

Branching Paths
Many puzzles often come with alternative solutions. Explore them during subsequent playthroughs to discover new areas, stories, and perhaps even a missable companion or two. If you're persistent enough, you might even alter the fate of the world...

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Guild Saga: Vanished Worlds

Developer: Ocelot

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Tactical RPG
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Unknown

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· Platform: PC
· Expected: 2024-04-16
· Publisher: Ocelot