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Gyre: Maelstrom


The narrative is powered Evodant Interactive’s proprietary Toska Engine to dynamically generate a unique story for every player. Toska is a first-of-its-kind procedural interactive narrative engine. The engine’s goal is to generate an engaging narrative dynamically during gameplay that is contextually appropriate to the game. In doing so, every player experiences a story that is uniquely their own. Your choices during the game have meaningful impact on not just the middle of the story, which is commonly reserved for scripted branching plot lines, but also on the foundation stones of the story and the ultimate resolution of the entire narrative.


Players will enjoy parkour-style traversal of a massive, procedurally generated city, complete with a railed tram system. We are putting a lot of work into creating an environmental concept to base our architectural grammar on that generates a massive variety of building types, locations, neighborhoods and aesthetics. We have designed the game to include building destructibility as some characters have the ability to bash through walls. Others have the ability to manipulate the environment such that the creation of extensions, ledges and bridges enhance their own city traversal – or allow for the creation of obstacles during a chase scene.

Player Styles


You have the choice of how you can play Gyre. Whether it’s pure combat, political intrigue, stealth or a combination, the game adapts to the kind of story you are most often pursuing. Allies & enemies are forged during run-time in response to your choices. Gameplay abandons traditional filler quests in favour of meaningful consequences to your choices throughout the story without forced conscription to heroism or villainy. You have the option of exploring at will, but just note that the world moves along at all times. NPCs have goals they want to achieve and you might be helping or hindering those plans. The Gyre is always moving forward – as is your story. Semper incedendo!



The three main Families form the core of the city with each having a primary Bodyplan:

  • Couriant – they employ expertise in parkour to maintain a graceful, even speed while vaulting barricades, scaling walls, leaping over gaps, sliding through openings, and balancing on ledges.
  • Imperiant – they start slow but gather speed and momentum over time, allowing them to smash through doors and walls, make long distance leaps, and land with earth-shattering results.
  • Polariant – they have a special relationship with the city and can shape it to their will by having “chats” with the city.

With 45 crafting elements, characters can enhance their abilities through their Workbenches or by purchasing gear and equipment from merchants scattered throughout the city.
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Gyre: Maelstrom

Developer: Evodant Interactive

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Steampunk
Genre: RPG
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