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Monsters of Mican

Welcome to Mican! Explore hand crafted dungeons, fight or befriend tons of zany monsters, and discover the ancient truth behind the origin of monsters!

Monsters of Mican is a first person, party based dungeon crawler RPG, often known as a Blobber. The game was heavily inspired by classic PC RPGs such as Might and Magic and Wizardry, with plenty of modern flair and heaps of QOL features.

Features include:

  • Hundreds of unique, whimsical, and sometimes terrifying monsters
  • Dozens of unique monster traits that drastically change what monsters are capable of in battle
  • A highly robust character creator with 14 character classes to choose from
  • Hundreds of abilities/spells, including one unique ability exclusive to each class
  • Dozens of passive skills, each with 5 possible rank upgrades
  • Over 10 large, hand-crafted dungeons
  • Hand crafted NPCs with unique personalities and stories
  • Boss fights with wildly different mechanics
  • Randomly generated loot (and unique named artifacts) with tons of different enchantments and abilities
  • Monster Buddies, a system that allows you to befriend monsters and then visit or summon them to fight for you
  • 6 post-game challenge dungeons with specific themed rules and conditions
  • Monster Rush Challenge: fight every monster in the game, sequentially.
  • Boss Rush Challenge: fight every boss in the game... ALL AT ONCE!
  • An original soundtrack featuring over 20 unique compositions made in the style of classic 90s CRPGs
  • A robust list of difficulty options and video settings
  • An in-game cheat vendor that will trade you powerful wands for various cheat codes
  • Full gamepad controls

The game takes place on Mican, a world turned upside down long ago by an event called "The Amalgam Anomaly" which birthed hundreds if not thousands of different types of monsters, creatures, half-breed amalgams and other nightmares into the world. The game has you venturing into a mountain at the heart of Spiny Island to discover what the monsters in the caves are up to... and discovering other mysterious secrets about the world in the process.

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Monsters of Mican

Developer: Blankitt Productions LLC

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Dungeon Crawler
Combat: Unknown
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Unknown

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· Platform: PC
· Released: 2024-03-25
· Publisher: Blankitt Productions LLC