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Naudrion: Fall of the Empire

Naudrion: Fall of an Empire is an open-world single-player RPG set in a dark fantasy setting.

The game offers a deep dialogue system, non-linear storytelling and different variations of the same quests, depending only on your choice and style of play.

You will have to look at the world of Naudrion from the perspective of the former soldier Marcus, whose army was defeated by the forces of the vile Morgaus. The hero will travel the world, communicate with charismatic characters and perform various tasks to hunt monsters and search for treasures. The hero must not only survive in the harsh world of Naudrion, but also find a way to stop Morgause.

The world of Naudrion is large and seamless. The hero can go wherever he wants, and you will not encounter loading screens on the way.

For hunting monsters and completing tasks, you will receive experience points, increase your characteristics and learn new useful skills.

The ingredients and items for crafting collected on the way can be turned into potions, weapons, armor, etc.

The world of the game is filled with points of interest and characters with an individual character and tasks. Each character in the game has their own individual daily schedule: they sleep, eat, work and relax.

In the past, there were four warring kingdoms in the western lands of the central continent. As a result of palace intrigues and a coup, one of these kingdoms captured three neighboring ones. This is how the Falrig Empire was created, led by the deceitful Morgause.

One of the kingdoms - Gotendor, organizes resistance. King Diamond of Gottendor, having fled to the north of his captured country, decides to make an alliance with the kingdom of Gronium. It is this alliance that is capable of repelling the Morgaus Empire.

King Norbert of Gronium summons an army and leads it into battle with the Empire. In this army, the path of the protagonist Markus begins.

On the way, the Imperials ambush the squad, and the survivors are taken prisoner. Marcus is imprisoned. What happens next depends only on you and your style of play.


  • Seamless open world.
  • Well-developed plot.
  • Variety of weapons and armor.
  • Each character in the game lives his own life: sleeping, eating, working and resting.
  • Various types of crafts.
  • Deep leveling system and skills.
  • Intense battles with many different monsters.
  • Incredible old school adventure spirit.
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Naudrion: Fall of the Empire

Developer: Aleksey Skvortsov

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Adventure-RPG
Combat: Real-time
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Unknown

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· Platform: PC
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· Publisher: Aleksey Skvortsov