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Path of the Midnight Sun

What's Path of th Midnight Sun?

The tactics of an RPG with the narrative depth of a VN
Path of the Midnight Sun has its own gameplay twist. By merging the best elements of the two genres, it presents a fresh and unique gameplay experience.

Professional Voice Over
More than 50 characters have been voiced by professional voice actors who have big roles in the anime & gaming industry!

Beautiful art animated in Live2D
All of the art in Path of the Midnight Sun is hand-drawn and animated with the Live2D technology to fully preserve the artist's touch.
There are over 150 models in the game!

Fully orchestrated SoundTrack
Every track in the game has been carefully planned and composed with a lot of love.
The OST features 3 hours of orchestrated music!

Choose your own Adventure
Every choice matters in this story-driven game with its compelling and dynamic narrative.
Influence your characters' stats and unlock new combat & romance options!

Interact with the world!
There's a lot you can do in the world of Arvium. With a point-and-click system, you can investigate the locales to uncover mysteries and collect materials used for forging & cooking.

Customize your characters
Every main character has a flexible Skill Tree which fosters replayability. In addition to that, their relationships and mental state also influence their proficency in combat.

Recruit Adjutants
During your adventure you'll meet many characters that can be recruited to aid you in combat. These Adjutants expand your team's tactics for ever-changing combos and possibilities!


The continent of Arvium. Sixty years ago, these lands bore witness to the arrival of a being henceforth known as the Demon King. Where he appeared from; none could say. Nature itself twisted before His very existence, and it wasn’t long before a horde of demons and monsters fell upon the nations of man.
No matter how many times these heroes struck down the Demon King, death proved to be naught but a temporary setback. He soon returned; He always did.

Driven to desperation, it was the learned men of Arvium who would discover a solution. The Demon’s soul would be pulled from His body, and sealed within that of a human.

In time, these custodians of the Demon King’s soul would come to be known as “Vassals”, recalling the original meaning of the term which was used to define those who entered into a mutual obligation to a lord or a monarch.

In Path of the Midnight Sun, you'll play from the points of view of three protagonists including Lady Faratras Hoikade, who has contained the Demon King’s soul for nearly 21 years.
The people have begun to grow complacent, to truly consider the possibility that perhaps He is sealed for good. But as is so often the case, outward appearances can be deceptive.

  • A tale full of moral choices that alter the story & characters’ personality
  • Follow three protagonists alternating their points of view
  • Multiple romance options
  • Multiple endings
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Path of the Midnight Sun

Developer: Studio Daimon

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Tactical RPG
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Unknown

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· Platform: PC
· Released: 2023-01-10
· Publisher: Studio Daimon