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Pennon and Battle

Explore the fantasy continent, expand the kingdom's power.
The fertile Ruachland nurtures numerous tribes. The glorious Holy Oath Alliance, the proud Elven Empire, the ancient Far Swarm... and more regions and species await your discovery! As one of the leaders, You will rapidly grow your influence on the battlefields ravaged by magic and gunfire, expand your kingdom's territory across the vast map, and ultimately see your pennons flutter across the entire world!

Heroes and soldiers, both are protagonists of the battlefield.
Heroes can join the battle with soldiers. Each hero has unique talents and multiple skills. You can recruit multiple heroes and lead nearly a hundred types of distinctive soldiers. While increasing the number of your troops, you can also customize the hero training off the battlefield. Exploring different heroes' talent trees, and becoming invincible in battle!

Roaming the magic world, experience grand strategy.
Over 60 spells await your visit, assisting in both adventure and battle. In this turn-based journey, collect and manage limited resources, visit buildings with various functions, plan the construction and upgrade of city facilities, equip various types of fine gear, research team compositions and tactical strategies... Showcase your unique strategic insight and leadership talent!

Gods will bless the fearless leaders.
Each battle is filled with randomly generated elements, and you can bring event cards with blessing effects into the battle. Extra supplies, once-in-a-lifetime exploration luck, or even find and synthesize legendary equipment... Combining different event cards brings an excellent exploration experience, and you can save your epic hero to Arena battles in this campaign.

PVP mode, friend or foe?
Beyond the varied single-player campaigns, you can also enjoy online PVP mode("Pennon and Battle " has Standard Edition and Enjoy Edition,online matchmaking between these two versions is unsupported). Choose to become friends, explore maps together, fight together, and have fun together. Or you can compete in the Arena—directly use your trained team for online battles, skip the repetitive exploration, and enjoy the tactical games. Win the combat with your strength and strategies!

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Pennon and Battle

Developer: PB Studio

SP/MP: Single + MP
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Strategy-RPG
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Unknown

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· Platform: PC
· Expected: 2024-08-01
· Publisher: Luckycalf