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Sunday - October 23, 2022
Thursday - October 20, 2022
Friday - October 07, 2022
Saturday - May 21, 2022
Friday - May 06, 2022
Thursday - May 05, 2022
Thursday - April 21, 2022
Box Art

Sunday - October 23, 2022

Sea Horizon - Gameplay

by Hiddenx, 06:50

Wizard Worm checked out the roguelite Sea Horizon:

Why You SHOULDN'T RUSH in Sea Horizon (Roguelite RPG)

Thursday - October 20, 2022

Sea Horizon - Released

by Hiddenx, 16:24

The roguelite Sea Horizon has been released:

Sea Horizon

The land of Myrihyn shattered into thousands of islands. Therefore sailing is the most efficient way to travel. They sail to the end of the sea horizon to explore the unknown and stop the invasion of the dark fiend.

Dice on equipment, roll with it.

  • There are four types of resources that could be on the dice provided by the equipment.
  • Every character will roll all the dice on their equipment which determines how many resources they can use in the combat.
  • You'll have to think about what you’re wielding based on your skill.

Every journey can be unique

  • A world made of various islands, with locations of various styles, Every game is a different experience.
  • Explore the map freely. But you need to put food into their consideration.
  • Unlock different characters through the stories or events. 


Friday - October 07, 2022

Sea Horizon - Release Date: October 20

by Hiddenx, 14:51

The roguelite Sea Horizon will leave Early Access soon:

Sea Horizon will be leaving early access on Oct. 20th!

Are you ready to set sail!!!

After a few months of fixing and patching, 45 Studio happily announced the exciting news:
Sea Horizon will be leaving early access on Oct. 20th.

There is a lot of fixing and tweaking. Hopefully, these changes can bring players the best experience.
Except for the early access content, the full release edition will include the following updates:

New story and adventure
Add three new playable characters and two new chapters. New adventure mode (multiple characters) separated from story mode.


Saturday - May 21, 2022

Sea Horizon - Quality of Life Changes

by Hiddenx, 06:32

The roguelike Sea Horizon got some QoL changes:

Keep updating the game, lot of QoL changes.

Come and see all the goodies we updated.

Hello everyone, after the early access, we have received tons of suggestions and feedback. We are ready to update the game in the future! Hope we can offer a better experience for all the players. The following are the updates for this time.

The enemy encounter
We removed the random encounter on the map. Now the players can see the enemies directly.
Now the players can avoid the weak enemy and plan their route more freely.

Prompt on the map
We added some text for special locations on the map, such as fights, camps, and bonfires.
The players can figure out what those locations do before stepping on them.

The title screen
We combined the story and dungeon mode into "Adventure." The players can choose between story or dungeon in Adventure.
If the players can't beat the dungeon. They can unlock different characters through story mode and try different combinations.

We added the achievement. The players can get the achievement by defeating dungeon bosses.

The controller button prompt
And last but not least, players can play Sea Horizon with a controller now. We added the button prompt for the controller.

And also, we made some changes as the following.

  1. Fix the skills level of Priest and Artisan.
  2. Fix some of the enemies' levels.
  3. Rebalance the enchantment "Overload" and "Lucky Shell" for Explorer. They are stronger and easier to proc.
  4. Rebalance the final fight for Priest and Explorer in story mode. They are proper challenges now.

Please wait for a while, hope you all have a great voyage in Myrihyn.

Friday - May 06, 2022

Sea Horizon - Early Access Review

by Hiddenx, 15:12

Wizard Worm checked out the roguelite Sea Horizon:

Sea Horizon Review - Legendary Sea Journey (Roguelite RPG Adventure)



Thursday - May 05, 2022

Sea Horizon - Early Access Version released

by Hiddenx, 15:30

The Early Access version of Sea Horizon is now available:

Early access available now!

What's new in Early Access?
New characters: Explorer, Apothecary, Shaman, Priest, and Artisan.

Each of them possesses different skills and equipment. Artisan is capable of dealing massive damage and debuffing the enemies at the same time. Priest has abilities to heal and buffing allies. This allows more combinations of gameplay during new dungeon and adventures.

New Chapter:Forsaken Archipelago

A new adventure; a map in which players can pick 3 characters for combat and exploration. Players are able to find more powerful enchanted equipment in caves, and there are 3 new bosses waiting for your challenging.

New Dungeon:Island Dungeon

A new dungeon: an 8 levels dungeon with a different boss waiting to be conquered. The resources in Island Dungeon are scarcer than in general maps; players have to get well-prepared with their skills and equipment.

Several new enchantments; more enchantments mean more item variety and more builds for players to try out.


Thursday - April 21, 2022

Sea Horizon - Early Access on May 22

by Hiddenx, 15:53

The roguelite Sea Horizon will be released as Early Access version on May 22:

Sea Horizon - Early Access Launch Trailer


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