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Silverfall: Earth Awakening

A stand alone expansion for Monte Cristo's action RPG Silverfall. The below has been copied from the publisher's website.


From time immemorial there has existed a guardian who maintained the equilibrium between the different elements.
Centuries ago, when attempts were made to steal his power from him, the elemental sorcerers unleashed his anger, which resulted in a catastrophic imbalance between the elements, turning everything into rock and the earth became predominant. However, by turning his own spells against him, they managed to confine him in a block of stone, thus preventing the elemental imbalance from rendering Nelwë uninhabitable. None of the sorcerers dabbled in the earth element thereafter, for fear of waking the guardian.
Centuries have now passed, and the rock has gradually eroded and changed back into the water it was originally, long ago. The guardian’s magic is making its presence felt again; rocks rain down on the cities; the water is becoming full of mud. The earth, the element forbidden to the elemental sorcerers, is awakening.


  • Create your own character from 4 races. Choose your face, and custom your hair and skin colour, it will give you special skills and abilities.
  • Manage your evolution by choosing among 150 skills and spells. As you are not stuck in a class, it gives you a real freedom to create exactly the character you want to play and to adapt it to your gameplay style.
  • Face over 100 magical creatures and boss.
  • Build your team out of 2 from 8 possible companions. Each of them has his own story, background, abilities and can give you quests. Your way to treat them will change their devotion, and they can become your friend to the death or lover.
  • A vast, open fantasy universe offering complete freedom, from the flying zeppelin city of Cloudworks to the mage volcano city of Brazer.
  • Multiplayer mode in cooperative or PVP up to 8 players.
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Information about

Silverfall: Earth Awakening

Developer: Monte Cristo

SP/MP: Single + MP
Setting: Steampunk
Genre: Hack & Slash
Combat: Unknown
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Unknown

Regions & platforms
· Platform: PC
· Released: 2008-01-01
· Publisher: N3VRF41L