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Friday - April 03, 2020
Saturday - January 05, 2019
Wednesday - March 01, 2017
Saturday - November 12, 2016
Box Art

Friday - April 03, 2020

Skullstone - Level Design

by Silver, 21:08

The latest dev diary for Skullstone explains the level design going into the game.


At one point, it became apparent that a script can also be used to set a particular property of an object and not only for operating on states. In this way, we attach texts to the signs on the wall and we configure altars (you will see what they are in the game).
What about if we wanted to define a more sophisticated behavior? What if we neeed to store some data and run a sequence of events? Memory cells are needed and we have them. Each of the two-state objects can be such a memory unit that can accept 0 or 1 value. We hide them in some inaccessible place so the player does not need to see them. Those strikethrough cells are such "memory objects". They have no special logic to them nor interaction, they cannot even be seen! They simply remember the state and can be addressed. A suitable sequence of state-transfer instructions that conditionally lock the state (change of the state is locked if a particular state occurs in another object) has given us the door, which we can open and close only a few times before they are lock for good. Nice trap, isn't it? Especially, if there is a pack of bloodthirsty creatures waiting behind the door.

Some time ago we recorded a video in which we presented our solutions. I think it will be a nice addition to the above article.


Thanks Farflame!

Saturday - January 05, 2019

Skullstone - Development Updates

by Silver, 11:54

The latest development update for Skullstone looks at a dungeon boss. There is also some test gameplay video from November.


Salmanu is the second Boss Mob in Skullstone. There is a bit of interesting story about him - you'll find everything in the game, reading notes and talking to NPC. Here in this video I made quick fight with him, testing his new skill 'summon minion', which I just finished coding. He also deals nice AoE damage and casts debuff 'confusion'. That was the reason why at some point I turned right and left several times in a row.


This gameplay has been recorded by Karol Kotowicz, a professional software tester who helps us with closed beta tests. By the way... the walls are not in their final version.

Wednesday - March 01, 2017

Skullstone - On Steam Greenlight

by Hiddenx, 23:27

The dungeon crawler Skullstone is now on Steam Greenlight:

Skullstone - Official Trailer



After a most unusual earthquake in the middle of a raging thunderstorm, dangerous creatures started appearing near a small mining town. Attacks on locals and travelers started soon after. Hunters discovered that in the mouth of a mysterious rock formation, known as Skullstone, a passage appeared. Long and dark corridor leading down below, and tracks suggest it's the monsters' lair. The elders agreed to send messengers calling for mercenaries who'll walk into the mouth of Skullstone to explore the evil place.

The player picks four out of twenty pre-made characters. Each of them with an unique set of skills and abilities, and with advantages and disadvantages. The party of mercenaries is then sent into the underground to explore abandoned mines, dark dungeons, ancient temples and other mysterious environments. Variety of monsters await. From simple spiders and giant rats, through ghouls and golems, to beast so unique you’ve never seen them in any other title. Each and every creature uses not only attacks typical for it kind but also have access to a set of skills enabling them to harm you with various curses and area of effects attacks.


Exploration combined with survival is on of main gameplay elements. The dungeon is full of secret rooms, switches, various puzzles and riddles, notes and ancient books (filled with tips and helpful information). Finding a powerful weapon, piece of armour or a magical artifact (to use in fight or a quest) will not be uncommon as well. Moreover, it’s possible to gather food to fight growing hunger and which might be used in formulas to create potions.

During short brakes from discovering secrets of the underground world, players will be able to visit the town above the dungeon, where the team can resupply, unconscious members are revived, important NPCs can be talked to, and, most importantly, quests can be received. Apart from you main mission a number of side-quests will be available.

Incoming features:

While core of the game is completed, right now we’re still working on few other gameplay elements:

  • underground environments and object found in the dungeon
  • quests and puzzles
  • GUI
  • magical effects
  • increasing number of monsters, weapons, equipment and other models
  • party members’ commentaries to various events

Saturday - November 12, 2016

Skullstone - Coming 2017

by Silver, 20:37

@Indie Retro News they report on Skullstone, a dungeon master like dungeon crawler.


Choose and develop your team of worthy mercenaries and explore the dark corridors of the Skullstone dungeon to learn the secrets behind Skullstone's sudden reappearance. Fight many types of evil creatures and solve challenging puzzles to reach deeper levels. But make sure to visit the village along the way, as you may get the odd quest for treasures and powerful items.

According to the team behind the game, Skullstone will keep you entertained for hours with its interesting artistic direction, music you will listen to even when not playing the game, huge levels, challenging gameplay, and twenty pre-made characters waiting to be selected for the team. Explore rooms and corridors whose layouts can be used to your advantage during battles with all the scary beasts waiting for your arrival.

Could Skullstone be the ultimate Dungeon Master experience? Only time will tell

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Developer: Blacktorch Games

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: Dungeon Crawler
Combat: Unknown
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