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Sunday - March 07, 2021
Sunday - January 31, 2021
Thursday - January 28, 2021
Sunday - January 24, 2021
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Sunday - March 07, 2021

Sword of the Necromancer - Big Update

by Silver, 03:10

TheGG reports that Sword of the Necromancer has received a big update.

The Spain-based indie games developers JanduSoft S.L and Grimorio of Games, are today very happy and pleased to announced dungeon-crawler ARPG “Sword of the Necromancer” has just released its biggest update yet.

Since its launch on January 28th Sword of the Necromancer has shot into the top 30 downloaded games on the Nintendo eShop in North America and Europe and after listening to the players, an update was created to add some quality of life(after death) improvements:

– An Item Bag has been added that can store up to 4 items and is accessible at any time. Items stored in the bag are not in use and thus do not grant any passive or active effect. Monsters stored in the bag are not healed nor recover their health with time as the monsters you have equipped. The bag will be available after the tutorial level and is enabled by default.

– New options have been added to the Game Settings. Players can now choose to recall monsters from anywhere, start the game on the floor you last played, and enable/disable the new Item Bag. Use the Game Settings to optimise your gaming experience.

– Game Settings screen will appear once upon boot up after having cleared the tutorial.

– Several minor bugs and crashes have been fixed.


Thanks Farflame!

Sunday - January 31, 2021

Sword of the Necromancer - Reviews

by Hiddenx, 10:34

The rogue-like Sword of the Necromancer got some reviews:

Justpushstart - Sword of the Necromancer Review

Score: 5/10

Screenrant - Sword Of The Necromancer Review: Dead Man Walking

"Sword of the Necromancer feels more like a proof of concept than a full-fledged experience."

Noisypixel - Sword of the Necromancer Review – Not Quite Roguelike Enough 

Score: 5.5/10

Thursday - January 28, 2021

Sword of the Necromancer - Released

by Hiddenx, 18:01

The action RPG Sword of the Necromancer has been released today:

Sword of the Necromancer

What would you do to bring back someone you love?

Sword of the Necromancer is a dungeon-crawler action RPG with Rogue-like elements where you can revive your defeated enemies to make them fight alongside you.

Turn your foes into allies using the forbidden powers of the Sword of the Necromancer and help Tama reach the dungeon's depths in order to gain enough power to bring Koko back from the dead.

Gather a little army of monsters, equip yourself with weapons and relics and level up to take on the guardians that stand between you and your objective.



  • Turn your foes into allies: use the Sword of the Necromancer to revive defeated monsters and make them fight alongside you.
  • Gather weapons and relics: each weapon is different from the others thanks to the procedural weapon generation system, which gives them various effects and attributes.
  • Fight with all your might: defeat your enemies using a variety of weapons and objects and dominating the fluid head-to-head battle system.
  • Level up: enhance your character by fighting enemies and upgrade your stats. Improve your summoned monsters by fighting alongside them.
  • Death is not the end: Each try gets you closer to the Necromancer. You will lose all your equipped weapons and monsters, but you will retain half the level you achieved in your run.
  • Learn the truth: Discover Tama and Koko's past as you advance through the dungeon.
  • Local co-op play: Use the Flask of Homunculus to create a copy of the playable character and play with a friend in local co-op game.


"Legend says that, deep within these mountains, a heretic decided to violate the will of the gods in order to achieve eternal life.

The heretic succeeded in this aberrant attempt, and created a tool for forbidden rituals that could grant immortality… and even bring back the dead.

Over the years and centuries many have tried to get that power for themselves, but all they found in the Necromancer’s crypt was their demise.

They say that the tool the Necromancer created is also a weapon…

The Sword of the Necromancer”

Tama is a former rogue that is tasked to escort the priestess Koko in her pilgrimage around the continent. During their travel Koko dies, and Tama carries the corpse to the Necromancer's crypt, where legends say there dwells a power that may resurrect the dead.

Filled with despair, Tama will enter the dungeon with the aim of obtaining the forbidden power of necromancy, ignoring the dangers that lurk in the shadows.

Sunday - January 24, 2021

Sword of the Necromancer - Launch: January 28

by Hiddenx, 09:45

The action RPG Sword of the Necromancer will launch on Steam on January 28:

Sword of the Necromancer - Announcement Trailer



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Sword of the Necromancer

Developer: Grimorio of Games

SP/MP: Single + MP
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Genre: Action-RPG
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