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The Magic World 2: Curse of the Ancients

The peaceful times that have lasted since the war with Leevard are coming to an end...
Your teacher, the great master of water magic Nikolai Taron, moved to the Taman lands, where he created a new guild and plans to continue his research.
He ordered you to come to him to receive your first instructions...

Destroy many monsters
The huge world is teeming with many unimaginable and dangerous monsters! Crowds of monsters can attack you from anywhere!

Big open world
Explore a large open world consisting of several dozen regions and many dungeons, caves, castles, and labyrinths. From the snowy northern mountains to the hot southern deserts of the Land of the Giants.

Explore mysterious dungeons and labyrinths
Traps, labyrinths, riddles, dungeons and castles are filled with many dangers and treasures. What happens if you pull this lever? Somewhere in the distance a stone slab rises...

Save the kingdom!
Only you can save the kingdom from the invasion of the Southern Kings...

This is a party RPG!
You play as a young magician Oleg, who is a student of the great master of water magic Nikolai Taron. Gather a team of fighters, develop their abilities and skills. A weak squad will die from one blow from a dead lizard, while a strong squad can destroy several red dragons...

Learn magic, develop your magical powers! Ball lightning or fireball? Or maybe you are an adept of the world and want to develop protective and healing spells? The choice is yours. But remember, a monster is only as good as a dead monster.

Find or buy items, from weapons to magic potions. You can use rings, tools, armor, scrolls, potions, ingredients and many other items useful in the game. Keys open doors, letters contain important information, a magic potion restores magic, and a hammer breaks a head.

Visit shops, taverns, churches and residential buildings
Trade, communicate, complete tasks and quests, study the history of this strange world...

When communicating with residents, choose your expressions; an awkwardly spoken phrase risks turning into instant death or a failed quest. The game has a deep plot and many quests that are intertwined with each other, and your actions have far-reaching consequences...

Time passes minute by minute, your party must eat food and drink water to survive. Stock up on food in taverns before long journeys. Any party member can get sick or die, stock up on potions and scrolls for treatment. Do not jump from high ledges and roofs to avoid breaking your legs.

Day gives way to night, around you are beautiful landscapes of forests, mountains, rivers, hills, deserts and swamps, in which secrets and dangers are hidden. When traveling at night, use light spells in fire magic or buy an oil lamp.

There are a lot of unfriendly characters in the game that can pose a danger to the current level of your party. If in some place you are left with no chance of survival, then look for another way to solve the problem or return here later, when your fighters improve their skills. Use turn-based mode (ENTER) to fight multiple opponents.

Dolby Digital 5.1 / 7.1
The game supports surround sound, be sure to try playing it using 5.1 speakers, then you will be completely immersed in the atmosphere of a scary dungeon...

4K - cinematic quality
The game is made on the Unreal Engine 5 game engine providing an incredible level of detail and physics of the world. The game uses the highest quality assets and textures 4096x 4096 - 4K quality.

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The Magic World 2: Curse of the Ancients

Developer: Flame-Dragons

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Fantasy
Genre: RPG
Combat: Unknown
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Unknown

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· Platform: PC
· Expected: 2024-10-10
· Publisher: Flame-Dragons