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With the advent of Runic energy revolutionizing the world's scientific prowess and bringing technological marvels into the forefront, so too, does the nature of warfare evolve as well. Helicopters, tanks, and other advanced devices like Attunements were created as the balance of power shifted between the strongest nations in the world.

Shadowy organizations, crime lords, and corruption in political circles have arose in the wake of this technological wave. To counter these growing threats the Arbiter Squads were created. Members of these elite squads are tasked with protecting the citizenry, enforcing the laws of the land, and maintaining the honor and integrity that comes with being an Arbiter.

Enter the newly-formed Santabell City Arbiter Branch consisting of members Sharla, Indira, Kyra, and Liria. These four hand-picked women of various backgrounds and abilities must rely on one another if they are to survive the deadly machinations that lurk within Santabell City that threatens not only them, but the entire world.

Key Features

  • A story rich in depth with over 40 hours of playtime
  • Meaningful side-quests that furthers characterization of the party members and NPCs
  • Featuring a strategic ATB turn-based combat system
  • Customization of abilities with the power of Attunements
  • Build up your SP and unleash powerful X-Breaks
  • Adapt to the enemy's tactics by switching rows both during and outside of battle with the Tactics system
  • 3 difficulty levels to choose from
  • New Game+ mode
  • No random encounters
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Developer: Desdemona Games

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Modern
Genre: RPG
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: Unknown
Voice-acting: Unknown

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· Platform: PC
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· Publisher: Desdemona Games